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September 30, 2017

"Really disappointing experience"

- csilk

I recently had Don Beyer Volvo intervene in a repair I took to a trusted local service station. In order for the repair to be completed, the certified Volvo part had to be coupled with a software update that could only be completed at DB Volvo. So I paid for the part, for my car to be transported to DB Volvo and a sum total of $230 for a 10-minute software update to be installed. When the part failed just 4 weeks later, I was forced to take the car to another Volvo dealer in Roanoke (who were just as bad), and I paid another $331 to have the same issue fixed. Neither Volvo dealer wanted to take responsibility for the software expense on the failed part. Instead they pointed the finger at the trusted local service repairman who was accused of installing the part wrong. I have an elementary understanding of repairs (enough to understand)...and this part replacement takes 15 minutes and it's simple...it's the software configuration that complicates the process, although it takes little time. All told, both dealers gouged me the best they could and then chastised me for not taking the car to the dealer in the first place. Yeah, right! Please avoid the dealers at all costs, no pun intended. By the way, I have purchased 4-5 cars at DB Volvo and have taken my cars their on many occasions to be repaired until I discovered I was being taken advantage of. No more.

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Employees Worked With

John in parts and Pete, the GM

August 10, 2017

"Very Satisfied Customer"

- Barbara434

I always get great service when I bring in my Volvo for service--consistently over last five years. I get great advice about preventing problems down the road and I always take it! Of course, my service advisor, Will, is a key reason I love the service! He is always helpful and patient!

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Employees Worked With

Will Hurst, Service Advisor

June 07, 2017

"Great service. Committed associates. "

- Very satisfied customer.

A well known national oil change chain destroyed my engine with a faulty "fuel induction". Sherwin at Don Beyer Volvo did a great job of making sure that the new engine was working properly as well as investigating and fixing any other damage that had been done to the vehicle as a result of the induction. He also fought hard for me with the company's insurance company to get them to pay for the repair (which was over $14,000) and kept me updated on the progress of the repair and the insurance payment. My car is working fine again and I am a loyal Don Beyer customer for life. Sherwin went above and beyond what I would have expected from a car dealer and I would recommend the quality of Don Beyer service to anyone.

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Employees Worked With

Sherwin Javier