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Don McGill Toyota of Katy


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21555 Katy Freeway, Katy, Texas 77450
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September 26, 2017

"Make ready service!"

- Esther Barraza

Took my car in to get my back window re tinted. Now that I had to use my defrost it doesn't work. I called them and they said they are not responsible. They told me now that i called that this would happen if i replaced tint. No one told me that when i called to set appt to get replaced!! They don't cover that. I think they should be responsible.

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Don't know names

August 22, 2017

"Unbelievably bad services including collision estimates"

- Nilarlao

Took my car for 100,000mile service and rack and pinion repair. After the repair the car make clucking sound which wasn't there before at turning steering. I took it back to fix it, they said it was loose bolt cuz they did not tighten it correctly. How dangerous this could be! Again I took my car to Toyota for collision repair on sliding door. The door became disfuctioned after the collision repair. The collision department wanted to argue that was wear and tear, just because they did not do correct estimation of the repair Telling me their repair was life time warranty. That is a joke ! Don't let this fool you. Now I have to call the insurance to help me advise what to do and I am still dealing with the problem that I don't have it before until I have the accident and collision repair. I have lost the trust in to Toyota of katy for services and collision repair. I have wasted more than 5 visits and still poroblems are not resolved..

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Not remember

July 12, 2017

"Trust lost due to negligence of vehicle"

- pngo

Horrible service. I got my car inspected before a long drive. Waited the long 3 hours then received my keys to the car. No rep told me anything was wrong with my car. I checked the sheet to see my tires were at 1 and 2 ratings out of 12 (worst quality of tire). Nobody told me to get new tires as the score deemed the tires needing immediate attention. Later on the drive, my fender and splash guard were dragging due to the negligence of the mechanic not attaching them to my car properly. Had to pay out of pocket for labor and parts and did not get anything out of Don Mcgill. Horrible service. The reason you get your car checked up is to make sure everything is okay or at least know about the problems so you can fix them. I've been going here for a couple years but I've lost trust as this dealership cares about the volumes of cars they can service and not the integrity of their work.

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