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August 22, 2022

We had the pleasure of meeting and working with Jennifer Minnich. We reached out to her since we were interested in a trade in. In no time we were in our Tesla Model 3. Thanks again Jennifer you the best More
by Jerridsevart

Employees Worked With

Jennifer Minnich, Reputation dotcom

August 05, 2022

ALL of Service dept was superb! All very friendly and knowledgeable!! Serena was very efficient, kept in touch with me during service, very nice. Lee went a step further and expla More
by Peaches4264

Employees Worked With

Serena and Lee and Erica

August 03, 2022

The buying process went extremely smooth. It was worked into the deal that I would take a cut on the trade in if they have their techs return my trade in to stock and return my after market p More
by p.rhodes87

Employees Worked With