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Janzen Olds GMC Jeep


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2602 N Van Buren St, Enid, Oklahoma 73703 Directions
Sales: (580) 234-2515

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1 Review of Janzen Olds GMC Jeep

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June 16, 2013

"We took my daughter's car to Janzen for repairs. It..."

- nikoleq

We took my daughter's car to Janzen for repairs. It died while she was driving. They first replaced the starter, then the flywheel, then the timing belt (the only thing that actually made sense) and then the water pump. The car had never over heated, leaked any fluid, or had the check engine light on. They kept the car for over a month and charged $1923 for the repairs. When we finally were able to pick the car up, the check engine light came on while driving home. We were told to bring it back. The next day they said it was minor, but they had to order the part. Over the next few days, the car was not driving well, the idle was very high and we discovered it was leaking some fluid. I called Janzen and let them know about the leak and the issues with the idle. I took it to another mechanic who stated there was a valve installed improperly causing the idle problem. They repositioned it and that problem was fixed. They couldn't find the leak and put dye in the engine to watch for an oil leak. A few more days goes by and the car dies and will not start. It was completely out of transmission fluid. The mechanic said he put five quarts of transmission fluid in it and it just ran back out. He quoted $600 to take out the transmission and fix the leak. This car was not taken to Janzen for transmission issues and had never leaked before. They will not do anything to assist us. The manager said all the "good" mechanics went to make more money in the oilfield. I would not take anything to Janzen. Poor customer service and mechanics don't know what they are doing. I had to buy my daughter a new car. I certainly didn't buy it from them.

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