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Jim Trenary Chevrolet of Troy


8 Lifetime Reviews

200 Professional Pkwy, Troy, Missouri 63379
Call (636) 642-4134

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Kenny McKinney, Sales, Jim Trenary Chevrolet of Troy

Kenny McKinney

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Latest Reviews

November 14, 2018


- vic

Be very careful working with these guys. Things they do should be elegal. Went to buy a car from them had a deal on paper, came back the next day to buy the car and they raised the prices 4000.00

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August 25, 2018

"Awesome dealership"

- Jdent1987

Completely blown away. After being jerked around for 4 days by multiple other dealerships and countless hours wasted I have finally been taken care of. I inquired about a Buick Lacrosse online and was immediately contacted by the online sales specialist Mark. I told Mark about my mistreatment at other places and my lack of hope. Mark asked me exactly what I wanted and monthly price. Mark didnt waste my time he was honest and asked ahead of time if my deal was even doable before I drove the 45 min drive to them. When I got there he wasted no time with my deal and went directly to Don the new car salesman. Don introduced himself and again asked me what deal I was seeking. He didn't hesitate or mess with me at all. Don looked me eye to eye and said I will get you that deal and put you in that Buick today. That's exactly what happened too. I got the exact car I wanted at the exact price. When all hope was gone Mark and Don from Jim Trenary stepped in and fixed me up. They got me out of my crappy Suntrup car and into a certified 2017 Buick Lacrosse. Thank you so much. A job well done gentlemen. You have my future business and my family's. I will be recommending you to all my coworkers and friends too.

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Employees Worked With

Mark A. And Don

April 14, 2017

"Great service!"

- Kano.canestraight

I bought my dream jeep from Jason at Jim Trenary in Troy, MO. It was over the internet so I got it site unseen. It was exactly as advertised and he was easy to work with.

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Employees Worked With

Jason Whiston