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John Elway Chevrolet


213 Lifetime Reviews

5200 South Broadway, Englewood, Colorado 80113
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Top Reviewed Employees

Daryl Kear at John Elway Chevrolet

Daryl Kear

Guest Concierge
Tyler Brown  at John Elway Chevrolet

Tyler Brown

Finance Manager
Bryan Burford at John Elway Chevrolet

Bryan Burford

Commercial Fleet
Troy Cox at John Elway Chevrolet

Troy Cox

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Latest Reviews

January 03, 2020

"Terrell was very helpful in getting my new car. Very..."

- manuelaragon

Terrell was very helpful in getting my new car. Very attentive and caring of my needs/wants in a new car. Left feeling 100% satisfied! Thanks Terrell!

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October 16, 2019

"Wow! Just Wow! Unbelievable"

- Liz Key

I don't even know where to start. I am so flabbergasted. I found a car I liked on Car Guru. They got me in touch with John Elway Chevrolet on Broadway St. After extensive research on this vehicle, I decided to buy it. I went to the dealership and the buying process was quick and easy and great! I was given all necessary documents to sign and was given the CarFax which showed nothing at all was ever reported or wrong with this car. I was also told about, and signed a document regarding a 60 day warranty that Elway Chevrolet was putting on this vehicle. The car already came with the rest of the factory warranty , which was about 40,000 more miles. This was a 2018 Hyundai with roughly 26000 miles on it. I bought the car on a Tuesday night. By Thursday night, the check engine light came on. I took it back to the John Elway dealership on Friday and was told the #4 cylinder tripped and this made the check engine light come on. It was no big deal they said. Even told me to put the high grade gas in it next time I fill up, to clean out the gas lines, I suppose. I was told it was a "grandma driven car" which means I should drive the xxxx out of it to blow out anything in the gas line that would have made the #4 cylinder trip. And the next time this happened, which it wouldn't for a while, then make an appointment with Hyundai and take it in to them. RED FLAG....but I thought I had a 60 day warranty with Chevrolet?? Why couldn't they fix the issue? Because it would cost them money, is what I was told when asked that question. I leave the dealership thinking all is fine with the world. I'm about 25 miles down the road and the temperature gauge is moving higher and higher until the alarm goes off that my car is overheated. I pulled into a gas station as the needle is rising, call my husband and he comes out to look at it. Seems the radiator hose wasn't connected (keep this in mind). I called Chevrolet several times and they contacted Hyundai roadside who informs them and me that the warranty does not cover a tow and I would have to pay for this out of my pocket. I contacted Chevrolet who offered to have their guy pick up the car. Nice, thank you. 2 days later, Huyundai contacts me to let me know the engine is blown, there is anti freeze in the motor. AND did I know that there is an after market radiator on my car and the paint in the front doesn't match??? Did I know?? I signed a Car fax that told me nothing was ever wrong with this car. And that day, when the mechanic put his machine on to see why the check engine light was on, I was reassured that he checked all hoses and lines and everything is great!! But he missed that a radiator hose didn't fit?? A week later I learn that Hyundai will not cover the cost of a new engine because there is an after market component on the vehicle!! Chevrolet won't cover it, although I have a warranty with them, because it costs too much. I drove the car for 2 days!! 2 days!! Chevrolet agrees to let me get into a different car BUT only what THEY want me to buy. I had 2 options on cars and I liked neither one. Why can't I choose what I want to drive?? Why are you pushing me to buy one of two cars?? Later that night, I find out that my credit was dinged 21 times!! TWENTY ONE times! Dropped my score by 150 points!! I had no choice BUT to purchase one of the two vehicles from them. No one else would take my credit score now!! When I questioned why I could only choose from two vehicles on their lot, I was told because my apartment complex just happened to have reported me that day for an issue. Hmmm... I live in a house that I own and I haven't lived in an apartment in 20 years. I got my trade in car back and refuse to purchase a thing from John Elway Chevrolet on Broadway St A month later, today, I get a notice from Car Gurus that the 2018 Hyundai with roughly 26000 miles on it was sold. WOW.

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Employees Worked With

Other Employees : Rob Wright

October 07, 2019

"The salesperson , Rob Wright was so patient "

- Leslie

Rob Wright was so patient because I was not sure which Chevy I wanted so he showed me what he had and let me test drive my choices even showed me different colors . I felt he listened to me a woman, and gave me respect. Would recommend him to any one who would like to either eliminate a selection or to solidify your choice. Great dealership and helpful personal.

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Employees Worked With

Rob Wright

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  • Automated Car Wash
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