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2700 7th St., Sioux Falls, South Dakota 57104
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May 17, 2017


- Howard

had some issues they originally didnt want to fix but ended up coming around and fixing the issue.. that was great but took some doing to get done

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March 25, 2015


- Jensen

Purchased a 2004 Jeep Liberty from Law Motors in August 2014. Just three months later the transmission starting having troubles, went to Law Motors and left car there for repair. Law Motors called me stating NO PROBLEMS with the car and to pick it up. Clearly the jeep had transmission problems, but Law Motors said they couldn't find anything and surprisingly the car ran great after I picked up it! Then seven months later the car dies in the middle of an intersection and the transmission goes out costing me $4000 to be replaced. It's very clear that Law Motors rigged my car to be temporarily fixed so they wouldn't be responsible for the vehicle. SHADY! Now I'm stuck with a car needing $4000 to be fixed I've owned for less than a year. I WILL NEVER WORK WITH THESE PEOPLE AGAIN and am contact the Better Business Bureau.

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July 31, 2013

"Bought a vehicle from Law in early July 2013. After 3..."

- okaiey

Bought a vehicle from Law in early July 2013. After 3 trips to their service department for the same issue, I had a dispute about the original purchase agreement. Was informed that since I am disputing a $275 charge not listed on the original purchase agreement, Law will no longer be working with me to get the service issue worked out. Not sure how schiestering a customer over less than $300 is good business, particularly if you've service the vehicle for more than that cost in the past, but if your business model is junk then maybe $300 goes a long way. I am actively steering any possible customers away from Law for their incredibly two-faced business relationship management.

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