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Maxon Hyundai-Mazda - Service Center


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2329 US Highway 22 W, Union, New Jersey 07083

1 Review of Maxon Hyundai-Mazda - Service Center

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January 08, 2018

"overall not happy"

- mariopo

I have been here a few times and I'm truly disappointed at how each time I come here it gets worse. First of all, what ever happened to honest working relationships. This cabin air and engine air filter malarkey is quite irritating. I also never get a straight answer on how severe a problem is. I don't have a problem with the workers per se, they mostly are kind but it just seems as if every time I'm there I'm getting scammed. On this visit I was told the tire hazard "warranty" doesn't actually cover the tires wear and tear, just if I get damage from pot xxxxx or nails etc. In the conversation with the service department, I was told that "driving in New Jersey you will mess your tires up since all the potholes." So now I am confused, are potholes covered or not covered. When I leased the car and signed the agreement, with my family present, I was specifically told that when the tires were up I would get new ones if I pay the fee. That's obviously not the servicer's fault but he basically told me that whoever sold the car to me lied. So they did, but now I'm left with the burden of having tire insurance for no good reason. Now I feel more scammed than before. Also he told me I needed an alignment when I got one in May. I just wish the service men/women were more clear as to what is specifically needed, what is hazardous, and what are just extra repairs (i.e. cabin air filter). Additionally, last time I was there for a routine oil change I waited for 4 hours because they drove my car in the back but no one actually took my "case". If you see someone in the waiting room all day, shouldn't someone ask what they are waiting for. I signed on to my appointment online and wrote I needed an oil change so I assumed they knew. I was wrong, and they proceeded to take even more time once they realized I was there. Honestly, there is a 0% chance I will ever come back here. Once my lease is up, I will bring the car in and I am done. I have bought and leased a car from Maxon but I don't see myself ever coming back. I suggest you dont come here either.

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