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November 01, 2017

"Bait and Switch, BULLY of a Sales Manager"

- MazdaLuvrs

We test drove a car on Saturday and were moments away from signing a lease when we decided we wanted to buy the car in cash, instead. We spent two hours with our very pleasant salesman, Jake, who verbally confirmed terms of agreement on the sale. When came back on Monday with a personal check to buy the car, but the price of the car had changed. We told Jake we would not agree to the purchase. He sent his sales manager out who was a BULLY, talked down to us, and told us we would never get the car for the original price we agreed on. We left McDonald and immediately called Shortline Mazda, where they agreed to McDonalds original terms OVER THE PHONE with NO HASSLE. We drove to Shortline and took our brand new car home 2 hours later. BEWARE of the aggressive, bully of a sales manager at McDonald.

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October 30, 2017

"Horrible, dishonest staff. Stay away. "

- Ryan G

Absolutely horrible staff. Specifically two people who are dishonest, lazy, and plain out do not care. Rose in finance and Kyle in Sales. If you come in contact with either of these individuals, excuse yourself and come back to work with someone else. Buying a car is too large of a purchase to deal with folks who do not care about you and will actively be dishonest with you to benefit themselves. Stay away! I may buy another Mazda in the future. I will NOT buy another Mazda from this dealership, though.

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Employees Worked With

Rose, Kyle

May 03, 2017

"JoAnna Brantley "Terrible Service!""


JoAnna Brantley should be relieved of her position. I have lifetime oil changes provided to me from Mazda of Lakewood. When I called their number it transferred me to McDonald Mazda. JoAnna answered the phone and informed me that Mazda of Lakewood was being remodeled and for the time being they were doing all service. I asked about the lifetime oil change and she scheduled my appointment for May 3 at 8:30AM. I drove from Golden and took half a day off from work to make this appointment. After I arrived they took my information and informed me they no longer honor the lifetime oil change program and I would be charged $59.99 for oil change and 19.99 for tire rotation. Why didn't JoAnna inform me of this when I scheduled the appointment. Instead she implied that McDonald was doing the lifetime oil change because Mazda of Lakewood was being remodeled. On top of that, the service technician told me Mazda of Lakewood closed down. So now I have no clue as to what to believe. Highly unprofessional staff! Waste of my time, will not taking my Mazda to the dealership for any service! Do not support this establishment, they are over-priced anyway!

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Employees Worked With

JoAnna Brantley