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4464 West Plano Pkwy, Plano, Texas 75024

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June 08, 2017

"They wouldn't lift a finger to have Mercedes help cover work"

- mikecrj

These guys stink. I brought them a 550SL that was 2 weeks out of the new warranty, but covered under the certified warranty. Daniel Adams and his lackey Zafar were worthless. Literally handed me a 1-800 number and made me deal with Mercedes for days trying to get them to cover the work. Daniel is lazy and incompetent, and shouldn't be anywhere near a luxury dealership. Zafar Vakani's biggest concern seemed to be over wether he could high gross me to change brake fluid. What a cast of clowns. Its the principles that let this nonsense happen. They dropped their name when they moved to Plano, but nothing really changed. The GM Kim Patterson was no where to be seen, but needs to come downstairs and pull this dealership out of the toilet.

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Daniel lazy Adams

October 05, 2016

"Don't do business with Ewing Mercedes Plano Tx "

- cheatedcustomer

Don't do business with Ewing Mercedes Plano Tx (which is part of the Ewing Auto Group owned by Finley Ewing IV) , I was foolish to trust this dealership and take my Mercedes to them for a cost free recall repair they call me the next day to claim that after doing these "free" recall repairs my vehicle is now inoperable due to a sudden and very suspicious electrical issue that only they can fix I was asked to pay $1500 initially to have it fixed and returned in working condition. or pay to have it towed in non-working condition. When I handed the keys to the attendant Johnny we say him drive off without any issue. My vehicle was in perfectly good running condition. This is extortion, the issue they claim is the ESL which is tied to the EIS. This as they claim is due to an electrical system issue, the last ones to touch the electrical system was their service shop, in messing with the SRS system and the taillights connectors and wiring. I was not made aware of any potential issues that could arise from trying to service these recalls. So I was not given the opportunity to make a informed decision or made away that there could be substantial repair costs from attempting to resolve a mandated "free" recall. Shame on them for doing this, I am seeking legal counsel because this is wrong and unethical. Also Mercedes has literally hundreds if not thousands of customers who have has issues with the EIS (Electronic Ignition System) and ESL (Electronic Steering Lock), so many that we can literally join or start Several class action lawsuits because this is not an issue of standard wear and tear, it is a known defective issue and can result in a series of events which could be life threatening to would be owners. Needless to say either way this is not my fault, I brought them the car in good faith because I trusted the brand, and even though I have heard bad things of the Ewing Auto group I wanted to see for myself if they were honest and reputable. I would say as of right now, I think otherwise. What they need to do fix my car and return it to me as I dropped it off, I’m not asking for any upgrades I'M ONLY ASKING TO HAVE MY CAR RETURNED TO ME AS I DROPPED IT OFF WHICH MEANS IN STABLE AND GOOD RUNING CONDITION. THAT IS ETHICAL, THAT IS FAIR, THAT IS MORAL, THAT IS GOOD BUSINESS. As a marketing professional it is my business to build brands and brand recognition via social media, print, adverts, peer to peer, etc The marketing goes both ways, when you rip people off people talk ALOT.

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Employees Worked With

Steve Sichterman
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July 20, 2016

"Great Customer Service"

- Wolfie

There are better ways of spending your time than taking your car to the dealership for service. However, in this case, it is a very pleasant experience. You make your appointment, drive into the service drive where you are greeted and directed to your service advisor. Within a few minutes, you are on your way in one of their loaner cars. I have been attended by an excellent service advisor, Daniel Adams, in highly recommend him to friends and family.

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Employees Worked With

Daniel Adams

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