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Metro Ford


7 Lifetime Reviews

6455 S Western Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60636
Call (888) 667-9088

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Elli Lane, Manager, Metro Ford

Elli Lane

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Latest Reviews

August 02, 2018

"Awesome prices. A little out of the way for me. But worth it"

- Jeff1010

Purchased a 2018 Ford Explorer new. They had the best price without any games! Get this..I asked for a manager and the owner picked up the phone and handled everything for me. Thanks Metro

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Elli Lane
Employee Rating is a new feature allowing consumers to rate their experience with individual dealership employees.
Other Employees : Patrick

May 14, 2018

"Worst car purchase experience ever"

- TMccSr

I did purchsae the vehicle, but their customer service sucks. This in my opinion is in part because of upper managment, not leading by example. All customers should be treated the same, whether its a cash purchase, or a finance purchase. The fact that they were givin a check, they weren't going to make any money from financing. So when i asked for a second key fob for my newly acquired vehicle. I was told by the salesman, and owner. No, anything else invested into this sale, would be a loss for them. The vehicle itself i love, but their customer service sucks. I would never recommend any of my friends, or family to ever patronize Metro ford, whether it be for sales or services. Everyone that i came in contact with during my visit at METRO FORD seemed to not have any idea of how to be sympathetic, or even empathetic to someone patronizing their dealership. My visit to METRO FORD has left a bad taste in my mouth. #SteerAwayFromThisGhettoAzzDealership

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April 02, 2016

"Great Service"

- Barry1626

I had a problem with the headlamp wiring twice the headlamp burned and went out they found the problem replaced the entire headlamp & wiring. Second problem I could hear rattling when I drive. The technician test drove the car with me heard the noise found it order the anti rattling clips replaced them within an hour I was done. Service technician was amazing polite and very detail in finding the problem and fixing it he made sure I was happy. Marvin was excellent in his assistance with getting the technician to take me out on a test drive and asking him to do what he could to fix what every noise I heard. They are extremely professional and I would return for service to my vehicle every time. I'm always greeted with a smile and customers first that's what I love about Metro Ford!

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  • Drive-In Service
  • Free Coffee
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Metro Ford, Chicago, IL, 60636