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Napleton's West Palm Beach Hyundai


607 Lifetime Reviews

2301 Okeechobee Boulevard, West Palm Beach, Florida 33409
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Latest Reviews

November 21, 2019

"Buyer Beware "

- disappointed

Making service appt has been a constant struggle. Found out 4 bald tires that are 2016 on 2018 car w/ 2 on BACKAWRDS! from the dealership

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Employees Worked With

Fred, Brian

October 24, 2019

"Dishonest from start to finish"

- TD123

If I could rate this dealership zero stars, I absolutely would. The experience I had at Napleton Hyundai, has to be the worst dealership experience I have ever had. I had originally inquired about a used Dodge Charger, they had on their lot. The next day, I received a call from one of their internet specialists. She confirmed that the vehicle was available to test drive and set up my “VIP” appointment. On my way to the appointment, I received a call from another member of their internet sales department, the associate confirmed my appointment, and confirmed the availability of said vehicle, and that they were going to have the vehicle ready for when I arrived. When I arrived for my appointment, I was brought back to one of the Internet Managers, to continue with the appointment. From there she introduced me to the salesman I would be working with. The car had not been pulled up for my appointment. With the key in his hand, he informed me that he has been unsuccessful locating the vehicle, and offers to take me with him around the lot, to try and find the car. Keep in mind, this dealership lot is not very big. After roughly ten minutes of him and I searching the lot for this car, he can’t locate the car and informs me that we will go back up front to get in touch with his manager and his porter, to attempt to find the vehicle. I sit down, and roughly ten minutes go by, and he comes back up to me and says they’re still looking. Five more minutes pass and my salesman comes back with his manager. The manager shakes my hand, and says we cannot find the vehicle. Then offered to show me a car that was $17,000 more expensive than the car I originally came to see. I came in to see a Dodge Charger, he offered to show me a BMW M5. If you know even the smallest amount about cars, you know that is comparing apples to oranges. After I confirmed with two internet associates that the vehicle was there. I told him that I drove over forty-five minutes to come take a look at this vehicle, that was confirmed it was here, and now I have to just turn back around. He does not offer an apology, his answer was a flat out “yes”. As I get up from the table I tell him to have a manager call me. As I’m driving back, a half an hour passes, and a manager has yet to reach out. I contact the dealership via text, and asked if a manager would be reaching out. The response was “as soon as we have the information for you.” The next day comes, and no one has attempted to reach out, try and amend this situation, nothing. I text again, and a few minutes later the internet manager calls. She informs me that the vehicle I was interested in had been stolen, as well as two other vehicles were broken into. Understanding, I thanked her for her time. About a week passes, and the same vehicle comes up in my online search. Weird, the vehicle that was stolen, is still listed on their website, for sale. I decided to have my girlfriend give a call to the dealership. They confirmed to her that the vehicle was there, and available for a test drive. When the representative was going over the specs on the car, she mentioned the car had a clean CarFax. If a vehicle is stolen, it would have been reported in the CarFax report. At that point my girlfriend tells the associate the situation in which the last time I was there, I was told the vehicle was stolen. She claimed to have no idea that any theft was reported on property. For a position that manages inventory and sets up test drives, you would think they would be arguably the first to know if there was theft of a vehicle, so you wouldn’t put a customer through the hassle I went through. She offered to give a call back shortly, and for the rest of the evening, never called back. Was the vehicle stolen? Did someone have the vehicle and they fabricated the story of it being stolen? Are they trying to cover up the fact they recovered the vehicle and are now selling it with the theft unreported? My recommendation would be to stay as far away as possible from this dealership. I have never seen such blatant disregard, as well as a failure to try and make the situation right for the customer.

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September 12, 2019

"Illegal Selling Practices!"

- kdetje

When my father passed away, my step-mother came to the dealer 2 days after his burial to understand her options as the car lease was in his name. The sales manager told her she had to return the car today or buy it. They did not share all of the options legally available to her and had her signing papers to purchase the car. Grief-stricken, she did not understand what she was signing and as soon as I became aware and realized the poor financial decision she had made under duress, tried to work with the General Manager to void the agreement for over 3 weeks. Hyundai Finance (the original owner of the car) and the new bank all agreed that the dealer could simply void the agreement and return the car. After agreeing to this request, the dealer has since refused, the car has been repossessed and legal action is now forthcoming. Thankfully, we located a wonderful Hyundai dealer in Del Rey but now will have to contend with credit issues. A grieving family should never have to go through this. #NeverNapelton #DoNotBuyWPBHyundai

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Employees Worked With

Chris Layton, Chris Lawson and Jeff in Sales

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Napleton's West Palm Beach Hyundai, West Palm Beach, FL, 33409