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June 20, 2007

"I purchased a Suzuki Aerio in August 2006. As soon as I..."

- mlpaper

I purchased a Suzuki Aerio in August 2006. As soon as I got it home, I realized the AM stations had very strong static. I made an appointment (#1) to bring the vehicle in a week later. I was told it needed a new radio and had to make another appointment (#2) to have the radio replaced. It was replaced and 3 months later, the problem arose again. So, in December 2006, I had to make another appointment (#3) to bring the vehicle in to be serviced. I was told it was the radio again and had to make another appointment (#4) to have it replaced. A week later, the same interference was coming through on the AM stations on the radio. I made another appointment (#5) to have the radio inspected yet again. On 1/18/07, I brought my vehicle in and I told the service department, that replacing the radio with the same radio was no longer an option. They agreed and later that day the service department contacted Suzuki. Suzuki had informed them that they are aware of the problem and they are in the process of developing and testing a sound compressor and I would get a call when something was available. 6 weeks past and I did not hear anything, so I called Rallye service on 3/6/07. I was told that they spoke to a Suzuki rep 1 week earlier and that they were still in the testing stages. On 3/23/07, I called Rallye service once again, since I did not hear anything. There was still no new news. So at this time I asked to speak with Dennis Monroe, the service director, because it had gotten to the point where I needed more answers and action. He said he would contact their Suzuki rep and that I should call back the following Tuesday, 3/27/07. I called back and Dennis Monroe told me the part was available and it would be ordered, and they would call me when it was received. About 15 minutes later on 3/27/07, I received another call from the service department telling me I needed to bring the vehicle in for testing first because Suzuki has some testing they wanted done to make sure which part needed to be ordered exactly. So, I had to make another appointment (#6) on 4/2/07 to bring my vehicle in for testing over 2 days. Why this testing was not done on 1/18/07 when they contacted Suzuki makes no sense at all. I am not sure why over 2 months had to pass while I waited for some answers from Suzuki for them to say they needed to do more testing to determine the part I needed. I thought that was done and I was already waiting for that part. I received a call from Rallye service on 4/3/07, and was told I needed a different part now, a Radio Amplifier Antenna, and that they would order it and call me when it was in. 3 weeks past, and on 4/24/07, I called Rallye service, since I did not hear anything at this point about the part coming in. When I spoke with the service department, they asked if I received a call about the part coming in. I told them no, and that is why I was calling. At that point I realized that the service department does not follow up on open issues. Finally in early May 2007 I got a call that the part was in. I had the part put in and it did not work. I was then told they were done trying to fix the car. I spoke to Joe Geidel for compensation and was told it was just a car radio and there was nothing more they would do. They would call Suzuki to see if they will compensate me. To this date, 6/20/07, Rallye has yet to call me with an answer.

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