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Shan Marfani, Sales, Rich Morton Mazda

Shan Marfani

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Ray King, Service Advisor, Rich Morton Mazda

Ray King

Service Advisor
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Bill  Readling, Sales, Rich Morton Mazda

Bill Readling

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Richard Wade, Sales, Rich Morton Mazda

Richard Wade

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April 22, 2017

"Be informed-Be Persistent"

- QualityManager

I have purchased 3 cars from Rich Morton Mazda, Pasadena in recent years, 2 new, 1 used. The new car purchases were straight forward, I do my research, know the features I want, and know what I am willing to pay. I fully expect the salesman to use all the “tricks of the trade” to get the most money out of me that he can, I enjoy the process. I was recently planning on purchasing a new 2017 Mazda 6. While looking at Rich Morton’s web site, I wandered onto the used car site and saw that they had a very low miles 2015 Hyundai Genesis for sale at a price not far off of a loaded new Mazda 6. I researched my N.A.D.A. and Blue Book values for the Genesis and my trade-in; I had the Morton on-line vehicle highlights and offering price, and went to do a deal. The information battle on the Used Car side starts as soon as you walk on the site. No window information stickers are on the vehicles. As soon as I found the Genesis on the lot, I knew things would be difficult. The car did not have some of the options listed on the web site. No listed power sunroof was obvious. I hunted down a salesman and started the dance. We could not reach a deal, mainly because I would not accept that a 2015 car with 6300 miles should be valued as a new car. 3 weeks later, end of the month, I get a call and end up talking to the General Manager, Neal Johnson. We discuss my interest in the Genesis and his interest in moving cars. After addressing why I walked earlier in the month, we quickly agreed to a deal that matched what I wanted on the first visit. 4 days later the 2015 Genesis, with 6400 miles, turns into a Christmas tree on start up. All the warning lights are on, the engine is running, but most systems are not. I called my Rich Morton salesman to see how they wanted to handle the problem and was told that his boss said the vehicle was under Hyundai warranty and it was up to me to handle it. I asked about the 1 month/1000 mile Morton warranty and promise of “Customer Satisfaction”. Maybe they could handle the inter-action with the Hyundai dealership, since Morton had Hyundai do maintenance last month on the car. Nothing doing, I was on my own. The Hyundai dealership I went to mentioned that Rich Morton had sent the car to the same dealership for issues that resulted in major replacement of electrical components and wiring, the same problem that I had. Hyundai took 2 weeks and mechanic interaction with engineers at Hyundai’s design center to try and figure out the problem. I had the car back but was not comfortable with future reliability. I reached out to Rich Morton General Manager Neal Johnson, looking to get a solution that gets me a dependable car. He apologized for not being aware of the situation sooner and agreed that I should not be handling the situation alone. He told me to return the Genesis for a full refund, he would handle wiping out the loan, and would give me full credit of my trade-in value towards the purchase of another vehicle. When I returned, his team was fully invested in "making things right". I ended up with a 2017 Mazda 6 that met all my needs, at a price that was very favorable to me. After a bumpy start, Neal Johnson and his team came through and proved that customer satisfaction is important to Rich Morton Mazda.

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Employees Worked With

Bill Readling
Employee Rating is a new feature allowing consumers to rate their experience with individual dealership employees.
Other Employees : Neal Johnson, Ginger Forsythe, Donald Edwards

April 13, 2017

"My review from a week ago just changed..."

- Tinker2ns

My review from a week ago just dropped drastically. I received a call from my sales person saying that the bank returned the contract. That means that I would have to return the car. They told me the bank didn't receive all of the docs they needed in order to approve the loan. Today is April 13th. I bought this car on March 23rd. So I called the bank. FALSE!!!! They had no idea why the dealership was wanting my car back and said that my loan "has BEEN done". First, I decided after buying this car, to give my older mini van to a friend in need. That car has since been retitled and put into use by someone else. Second, one of my girls wrecked her car about a week ago and she's been trying to decide what she wants. I'm quite sure my family will not be buying a second car from Rich Morton now. As for my salesperson, this isn't her fault. She simply made a phone call ordered by her management team. I think I may be using the word "management" a little too freely.

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Employees Worked With

Passion Frank

February 18, 2017

"Great car Buying Experience!"

- mferro43

Who knew buying a car could be this easy! Great job everyone who helped us! In and out in 3 hours. Awesome experience! No hassle, No BS. Thanks Don!

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Employees Worked With

Donald Edwards, Ginger Forsythe

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