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Richardson Suzuki


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9110 Indianapolis Blvd, Highland, Indiana 46322 Directions
Sales: (219) 923-4000

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1 Review of Richardson Suzuki

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November 07, 2017


- never again

8/4/17 well they are friendly enough but if your from out of town watch out!!!! My car was towed there, they tell me I need a water pump, so I say go ahead for about a $100.00 or so more then it would cost at home. It's suppose to be under $500.00. Then afterwards when I think I can go home they bring it out & it runs worse then it ever did. misfiring so bad the car shakes & then they tell me it needs more work but they don't know for sure if that will fix it but they will need another $1,300.00 on top of the almost $600.00 I already owe (what happened to under $500) this is with a $24.00 an hour discount, REALLY!! so instead I had it towed 140 miles back home to a mechanic I trust! Well had my mechanic check it out they forgot to put 4 bolts, in 2 to the air pump & 2 to the bracket, vacuum line not hooked up on the air pump & also on the water pump the gaskets had way to MUCH permatex & was already ripping & if this wasn't enough the part they were trying to sell me was gonna be $500.00 if they could find it but remember it might not fix the problem well he was right about that, it didn't need that part & now it's running great so glad I had it towed home I sure wished I would have done it to begin with I would of saved $400.00 I think they ripped me off!!! I also noticed on their website all the comments were good really I wonder why they don't show the bad ones. 10/24/17 THIS IS A REBUTTAL TO THE ABOVE POST: I would like to add that I did jump the gun a little bit, I had called quite a bit & asked for the owner I was sent to v/m & just hung up, so finally I left a mess. the owner c/b the next day & I was gone. Now the last 2 days I've left mess. & this morn. Jay c/b he was the gentlemen who drove me half the way back on 7/3/17 because I had no transportation & with it being the holiday, as I said before he was very friendly. the owner felt that I really didn't give him a chance to fix the problem which I guess I really didn't, I should of been on this a lot sooner but life is busy. Anyhow after talking w/ Jay it looks like we have came to an agreement. He assured me that they try to help people as much as they can & I don't think anybody else would of drove me half way back to Ft. Wayne & it did keep my grandson & me from being stranded. 11/7/17 a follow up to our agreement Well of course they try to cheat me again I told Ray I would agree to half of my money back which is around $280.00, so last week I get a check for $200.00 so instead of bad mouthing them this time I thought I would give the owner another chance so I called today & his words sometimes we just don't get what we want when it comes to an older car like yours & I have done all I can do. I think all he wanted was the bad review off his page & he also reminded me that he's been in business for 30 + years well what ever maybe they just try to rip off people from out of town! I like how they put not implying a warranty, but isn't this check proof of their guilt, thank goodness I called the credit card company again & they gave me more time Re: this matter. So let this be a lesson to you all, if you charge something on your credit cards you have 90 days to file a complaint & longer if you keep in touch with your credit card co. SO OUT OF TOWNERS BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!

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