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Stevens Creek Toyota


137 Lifetime Reviews

4202 Stevens Creek Boulevard, San Jose, California 95129
Call (408) 984-1234

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Ray Khandan, Sales Manager, Stevens Creek Toyota

Ray Khandan

Sales Manager
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Latest Reviews

October 08, 2017

"Mr. Josh Pourkhorsand is great!"

- meiguo1996

My wife and I had a very pleasant experience with Mr. Josh Pourkhorsand during the process of purchasing our truck, Nissan Frontier, . He is very professional, friendly, and honestest. He discussed the pros and cons of the truck with us and tried whatever he can to meet our needs. If you want to buy a car, Mr. Josh Pourkhorsand is the person you should go to in Steven Creek Toyota.

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Employees Worked With

Josh Pourkhorsand

October 07, 2017

"Great place. Magid was very helpful! "

- 16eco

No complaints! Majid was my dealer and he was very helpful and didn't push me to do anything. I left happily in my new car!

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October 05, 2017

"You could never go wrong with a Toyota."

- J/J V

The vehicle that we prefer was easily purchased from Toyota Stevens Creek. We got a very good deal from Josh Pourkhorsand. He is straightforward and very helpful. We highly recommend him as your next sales agent. The whole buying process was hassle-free. Overall it was a great experience.

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Employees Worked With

Josh Pourkhorsand

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  • Customer Lounge Area
  • Cable TV
  • Drive-In Service
  • Free WiFi
  • Express Service
  • Free Coffee
  • Authorized Parts Store
  • Shuttle Service
  • Television
  • Vending Machines
  • After Hours Drop-Off
  • Pet Friendly
Stevens Creek Toyota, San Jose, CA, 95129