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Kris  King , n/a, Toyota of Clermont

Kris King

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January 05, 2019

"Pushed a lease deal"

- Muscle56

I came to purchase my second vehicle in 4-5 months. I worked with Cory again, who I believe is a good kid. I traded a 2700 mile car I was not using to buy a Tundra, paying cash. We agreed on the new vehicle cost and the value of my trade but then he pushed and pushed me to do a lease. I didn't want to and resisted for a long time as he continued to push me but I eventually agreed. That is clearly my fault. Now I have a monthly payment, a vehicle I do not own and one where I have no equity. I also lost the tax savings from the trade. I will have burned up the $21k equity from my trade with nothing to show at the end of the 36 month lease. I am 63 years old, able to pay cash and I'm trying to get rid of all my payments in preparation for retirement. A lease deal may be good for Cory but he needs to listen to his customers because it is not good for me and I believe not good in general. I went home and was upset all evening. I called first thing the next morning and tried to reverse the deal to simply buy the truck for cash as we had initially agreed. Cory told me leases are electronic, instantly submitted to Southeast Toyota and he could not change the deal. I offered to pay an expense penalty and suggested the dealership could do whatever they wanted but he said no way. I am so upset with this deal. I have another Tundra I will never get rid of and expected to keep this one too but in 36 months it goes back. They pumped up the price of the Truck to $48k + in the lease agreement when I could have purchased it outright for $36k so the residual is way high. To buy it will end up costing me about $55k for a $36k truck. I really like the new truck but I am extremely upset with the deal. I typically buy 3-5 Toyotas a year and was going to bring my Daughter to buy a new Tacoma but I really feel like I was done wrong. I believe sales people should act as consultants instead of drilling people for particular deals that net them lots more fees and revenue to the extreme detriment of the consumer. Looking out for people is what makes a customer for life. Everyone was nice and Rose did a great job with the paperwork but I am very angry that I couldn't fix my mistake and change the deal. Apparently customers are only meat with eyes to this dealership.

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Employees Worked With

Cory Elkin

December 28, 2018

"Absolutely dishonest people"

- Cdns21

I called their internet sales for a quote on a new Camry LE and a trade in appraisal for my 11 year old Camry. I did receive a good quote for the new Camry LE which I was happy with; for my trade in, they told me that I should input my car info into their own website page which would provide an estimate. That site, which I think uses KBB data, gave me an appraisal of $3,000 to $3,800. I called in again, and internet sales woman said the range accounts for the condition of the car and they usually try to beat the low end of the range. When I went to their dealership however, the sales manager said my car is worth $1,200. I was not happy, and called the internet sales right in front of him on speaker phone and was again told that they would match or beat what their own website says is my car value. The sales manager simply shrugged off and refused to provide any color on why they are nearly 60% below the quote from the website. When I persisted for an explanation, he simply called me a bunch of racial epithets and insults and walked off — right in front of my teen aged daughters. That same evening, I traded in my car at another area dealer of Toyota, received $3,000 trade in value, and purchased a new Camry LE. Not only is this dealer using false promises and deceit to bring customers in through the doors, but their disregard for the customer, and the disgusting manner in which they abuse customers is just shocking. I am planning to report them to BBB.

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Employees Worked With

Used car sales director.

December 24, 2018

"Another happy returning customer!!"

- TacomaTRD2018

Stopped by dealership today with a 2018 Tacoma, which was only 9 months old. Ended up being offered a great deal on a 2019 Camry XSE, with a few minutes of arriving. Of course we accepted and drove away happy with a great vehicle. So, two vehicles from Toyota of Clermont in less than a year. Trust me, great dealership and overall outstanding service.

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Employees Worked With

Salesman Michael Diaz, Sales Manager James Blaine and Finance Specialist Aimee Fromme.

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