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1 SW Frontage Rd, Shorewood, Illinois 60404

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Bill Schwantes, Parts Manager, Tyson Motor Corporation

Bill Schwantes

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August 21, 2018


- MelissaB

BEWARE!!! DO NOT BUY A CAR HERE!! DO NOT BRING YOUR CAR FOR SERVICE HERE!!! I leased a brand new lemon, a.k.a. my Jeep Compass, in May of 2017. From early on this vehicle has had so many issues with the suspension and transmission just to mention the larger issues. Now the car is back to violently jerks as I'm driving. I WAS NEARLY JERKED INTO AN INTERSECTION YESTERDAY. This is after a corporate programing "update" that had been ignored by the service staff for months. When you bring your car in for service they ignore what you say, pretend to work on your car, and treat you like you're nuts. Well, you know what, I have been nuts for putting up with this for so long. The general manager never called me back after the service manager Bill claims he was taking my name and number to him for him to call me yesterday. It seems he doesn't take direct phone calls from insignificant customers. Trust and believe they'll wish they had not ignored me if something happens to me or my family as a result of their negligence with this vehicle. I feel so disrespected. My safety, my time, and my money means nothing to this dealership. How would they feel if their child, or spouse, or parent was having the same experience somewhere else. Please do not risk your time, money, or possibly your safety at Tyson Motors of Shorewood.

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Employee Rating is a new feature allowing consumers to rate their experience with individual dealership employees.
Other Employees : Mike, Bill service manager, Patrick, Anthony

August 14, 2018

"very poor parts and service department."

- blondenursey

When having a problem with a brand new vehicle, take it to service and they argue with you that there is nothing wrong with the vehicle. What kind of people treat customers that way. You purchase brand new vehicles that are less than 1 year old and the computer says something is wrong and the workers argue it is ok. Bring it back if it does it again. So we did but what a headache to come back and forth all because they can not see what the problem is. To me that is so unprofessional. Would not recommend any one to use service department.

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May 29, 2018

"My experience with service department and customer service"

- halbear007

This review is mostly towards the service department and customer service and Tyson Motors. I bought my 2017 Jeep Cherokee from Tyson Motors towards the end of 2016. I had a normal experience with buying my vehicle. For Christmas of 2017 I got my wheels powder coated black by a business in Lockport. I put my car on jackstands at my house and brought the tires and wheels to the business. I cannot have my phone at my job so the business had called asking me the year of my vehicle to know which kind of valve stems they needed to put the wheel back on the tire after powder coating them. By the time I got out of work the business had already closed so I had to take the wheel and tire somewhere that would have my valve stems to get it put back on and balanced. So, I took it back to Tyson where I bought my vehicle after confirming they had my valve stems. I got a call the next day to inform me that when they put the first wheel on the machine to put it back on the tire, the wheel flew off the machine, scratching my brand new $100 per tire powder coating. They said they were nervous to continue so they would bring it to Pomp's Tire next to the dealership. I was obviously frustrated, but understood that stuff happens and moving forward how management took care of the situation would either make or break my experience. The dealership still tried to charge me for the four valve stems at $25 a piece. I obviously objected to this, considering that the four valve stems would cost $100, the cost of re-powder coating my rim that they scratched. After speaking with a manager they ended up doing the whole thing free. After putting my tires back on my car and heading to work, I could not go over 55MPH without the car violently shaking. I ended up taking it to Discount Tire in Joliet to be rebalanced since I assumed that is what was causing the vibrations. The gentleman there informed me his 12 year old son could have balanced the tires more properly. So, I called Tyson to inform them to maybe not take their wheels to Pomp's Tires for balancing again because they obviously did not know what they were doing either. And to inform them that I still ended up having to pay which was BS. Fast forward to now May of 2018. My car with 20,000 miles on it is having a pretty loud creaking noise coming from the front passenger side of the car. Can clearly hear it when going over bumps, and can hear it the best when driving slowly. My 80 year old grandmother confirmed she too heard the noise. Although I was reluctant, I called Tyson to make an appointment to have it serviced because I thought who in their right mind wouldn't take it to the dealer with 20,000 miles under warranty?! My appointment was at 9:00AM. I asked the gentleman I was dealing with to please call me once they have looked at it so I knew if it would be covered under my warranty. By 3:30PM I had not heard from them so I just called myself. I spoke with the man who was overseeing the repair on my car. I unfortunately do not exactly remember specifically what part of my car he said was broke, but I believe it was some part of the strut. My first question was is it covered by warranty? He said yes. My next questions were is the problem common, and how did it happen? He said it commonly breaks from hitting pot holes or large bumps, it is a small piece that commonly breaks. He said they would have to order a piece and it would be in by the next day (Thursday) or Friday. He also told me I could get a loaner vehicle if I needed one at no cost to me. I said I would, since it would be a few days potentially and I needed to get to work. So I get my rental vehicle and go home. When I get out of work the next day I had a missed call from them so I call back and they inform me my car is done. I go up there, turn in the rental and as I am waiting for my car I look at the paperwork. The paperwork stated that they took my car for a test drive and heard nothing. It then said that they lubricated the ball joint and it showed .50 hours of labor. I am obviously first and foremost infuriated because the man I had talked to not only lied to me, but did so pretty elaborately about what they were going to fix on my vehicle. I go up to the man who is checking me out and say I am confused, do people usually come and get loaner vehicles from you guys for 1/2 of labor? To lubricate a part? And he said no not typically. I explain what the man overseeing my vehicle told me and he assures me that he wouldn't have lied to me. So the guy I am talking to obviously does not believe me. I was so frustrated I just said ok and got in my car and left. Before I even left the parking lot I could hear my car was still making the same noise. When I got home I called and asked to speak to a manager. I explain this ENTIRE situation to him which he genuinely sounds like he is angry about as well. He asks that we please give him another chance and that he will personal

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