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Uftring Automall

East Peoria, IL

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395 Reviews

500 Fairlane Dr

East Peoria, IL



Latest Reviews

September 14, 2021

"took my subaru in for oil changeafter picking up, i..."

- teepeetime

took my subaru in for oil change after picking up, i found that the tires had been rotated-i was speechless, since i had not asked for this work as a matter of fact, i had the tires rotated and balanced the day before, so this was kind of un-nerving i probably should have made an issue of it and contested the un-necessary service and charge, but i didn't need the stress so, your service advisor should ask before doing work

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Employees Worked With


February 26, 2021

"Took over month to fix warranty repair. Broke more than..."

- byron.snider

Took over month to fix warranty repair. Broke more than they fixed on transmission. Went in to fix typically synchros and gear problem in 2017 mustang. They couldn't get the fifth gear to 'fit right' and had to order another gear. New gear is in but they tell me they shipped the wrong gear and have to get another one. Now they get the correct gear and install. They were finished in three weeks had me come pick it up and clutch pedal drops to floor and check engine light is now on. I tell them that it's clearly not right. They take it back and confirm its not fixed. Days later they say they messed something up on install. A bearing on shaft for shifting mechanism. Fixed that. Realize they bent shaft that the bearing went on. Fixed that. Drove home and put it in garage for a month. Drove today first time since having it back and realize it's leaking transmission fluid...

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Employees Worked With

Mike Skinner

July 21, 2020

"Agonizing sales process / poor customer service afterwards"

- nwcarlson.wiu

I would highly recommend steering clear. The sales process will take forever - which I feel is mostly by design to get you to lose your patience and agree to additional offerings. In addition to a very uncomfortable sales process, upon taking delivery of the vehicle, I noticed the vehicle was missing floormats. This was conveniently hidden by the paper detailing mats on the floor. Upon this discovery, my sales person didn't really seem concerned about it. It was obvious to anyone with a pulse that I was disappointed. A few days later, I got an email from said sales person asking for referrals. I replied saying the experience was not good and I would certainly not be sending any referrals. A day later I got a phone call from a sales manager that said he would order floor mats for me. By this time, I had already bought floormats. I tried to call this sales manager back 4 separate times to see if he could just provide mud flaps since I bought floor mats. I then get an email saying the floormats came in. I attempted to call the dealership back and was unable to get in touch with either rep. I then got a voicemail form the salesperson saying that they would provide the floormats due to my long wait but would not consider anything else. I researched the price and what I was asking for is the exact same value ($100). Given that the dealership made at least $6000 of my sale, you would think they would be a little motivated to not leave a completely bad taste in my mouth. I understand they are there to make money but in no way do they really care about the customer actually being treated right.

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Employees Worked With

John Starnes
Other Employees : Andy Marino, Greg Stewart

Dealership Inventory (139 Vehicles)

used 2018 Ford Escape car, priced at $26,988
2018 Ford Escape
Ingot Silver exterior
Front-wheel Drive
used 2019 Ford Fiesta car, priced at $16,737
2019 Ford Fiesta
Lightning Blue Metallic exterior
Front-wheel Drive
used 2021 Subaru Ascent car, priced at $43,488
2021 Subaru Ascent
Abyss Blue Pearl exterior
All-wheel Drive
used 2015 Hyundai Sonata car, priced at $14,788
2015 Hyundai Sonata
Phantom Black exterior
Front-wheel Drive
used 2019 Ford F-150 car, priced at $46,988
2019 Ford F-150
Oxford White exterior
Four-wheel Drive
used 2019 Kia Forte car, priced at $19,488
2019 Kia Forte
Aurora Black Pearl exterior
Front-wheel Drive