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West Hills Ford


141 Lifetime Reviews

1100 Oyster Bay Ave S, Bremerton, Washington 98312
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Scott Helm at West Hills Ford

Scott Helm

General Manager
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Latest Reviews

September 25, 2019

"would not honor their warranty"

- unhappy grandma

SO i bought a new Mazda in April 2017 and i went thru the Costco car buying program to save money. i was hesitant due to all the bad reviews i read about West Hills Mazda. i contacted Costco about this and they said they didn't have many problems with this Mazda dealer. sooooooooo.... i did go to West Hills Mazda to buy my car and actually had a GREAT experience with the purchase of my new car. i asked if they were offering a rebate, and the guy who brings in the paperwork for you to sign, said "i don't think so but i'll check." when he brought my paperwork to me there actually WAS a $1500.00 rebate! so all that made me happy. i don't live close so i take my car to my local mechanic for service. but in July 2019 there was a recall on something so i took my car back for that. service was really good then, everyone was friendly and happy. i was in & out in no time. at the time i told them that my windshield had leaked about 3 times. they said to bring it in, it was under warranty and they would take care of me. well NOT! NOT AT ALL! when i showed up for my appointment, they told me that since it had only leaked about 3 times, that sounded fishy. they gave me paperwork to sign and it said that if they DID NOT find out where the leak was coming from, then i would have to pay $135.00. i told Chris W., a very nice young guy who said he was the service manager, that i was NOT going to pay $135 since my car was under warranty. he said that i would have to agree to this before they would service my car. what the xxxx?!?!?!? who does this? MY CAR IS UNDER WARRANTY! again i told him i was NOT going to pay the $135.00 for any reason since it was under warranty. he then said something like "well our mechanics have to pay for their tools & i have bills to pay too!" that was after i told him i lived on a fixed income (senior here) and couldn't afford $135.00. i said i wanted to speak to the service manager, he said he WAS the manager. i said i want to speak to YOUR boss. so after a short while, HIS boss, which i did not get his name, told me the same thing. that it was kind of fishy that my front windshield had only leaked THREE times. i asked him if he thought i was making this all up, and he said no. but that the mechanics had to pay for their tools and everyone had bills to pay and if they DID NOT find out WHY my front window was leaking, then i would have to pay them $135. so they wanted ME to pay for their failures!!!! i agree that it's interesting that i've only noticed my windshield leaking 3 times. once this past winter when we got 3 feet of snow, once when i went thru a car wash, and once when i was sitting in my car waiting for my grandson's school to get out. but it's not MY fault that this car has sporadic leaking problems! i'm old and barely drive it much. i'm only averaging 3000 miles yearly. i've never crashed it or bumped it or damaged the front windshield. it should have been taken care of regardless of if it had leaked 3 or 3000 times!! i've contacted the Attorney General about this matter. i've also talked to my son in law who works in the auto industry and he said West Hills Mazda has a terrible terrible reputation in their service dept and has for years. he told me to take it to another Mazda dealer and they would be happy to look at my car at no cost when they learn that West Hills Mazda did not honor the warranty. he said that West Hills wanted me to pay for one hour of labor, and that is what the $135.00 was for. Sorry Chris W for this terrible review, but you did me wrong and i told you i would write a truthful review about this experience. you seem like a really nice guy, but you work for a place that tries to cheat folks out of their money! you can post a rebuttal that says my experience is not normal, but you'd be untruthful. i'm old and don't have time for this nonsense. remember when i was telling your boss that i paid $20K cash for my car, when he was complaining about your mechanics needing money to pay for their tools, and his response was "we don't care how much you paid for your car." People, go anywhere but don't go to West Hills Mazda if you need your car serviced. they do NOT honor the Mazda warranty. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh . . . .. ... so i did leave and did not pay them the $135.00 and they did not work on my car.

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Employees Worked With

Dhris Waggoner

August 10, 2019

"Rip off liar"

- Robert DeLaney

Worst bunch of thieves I have ever seen. Lie to you face time after time. They have admitted to owing me $550. And have told me the check is in the mail for the past 60 days. STILL no money. If you buy here you are just looking to get ripped off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Employees Worked With

Other Employees : RJ Sales manager

August 03, 2019

"Awesome service!"

- Torque13

The person helping me there is named Max Davis and he was absolutely genuine and helpful throughout my entire experience there. I noticed that he also treats all his other customers just as great! I have a Ford truck and will always continue to bring it there due to how great the service and hospatality is. Not to mention the prices are also great! - written by Nelson

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Employees Worked With

Max Davis

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