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"The work was not done completely. Now I have several issues that did not exist when I brought the car to you. A 1984 Rolls Royce Silver Spur is a beautiful classic according to my research there only 6 Registered in the USA. Your staff treated my car like a like a used “Ugo” Many issues have surfaced in just 24 hours since I picked it up. Won’t start without manipulating the gas pedal. No interior lights One of then2 keys will not work in any of the locks Speedometer does not work properly Seatbelt retractor still not working The “Detailing” was a joke, very poor quality. "
"WORST experience and lowest class service ever. And I had many different experiences with dealers. I bought an expensive car - BMW M6, for ±50k and was treated like garbage by rep Mohamed and General Manager Tony Enderle. Long story short: - I bought a car sight unseen and assumed that the Rolls-Royce dealer was trustworthy (a huge mistake) - Mohamed sent me documents to sign to the wrong address - He forgot to send the tracking number (i was forced to wait for 1.5h @FEDex) - Car arrived with paint chipping (he said the car was perfect) - I complained and asked for a small refund for repairs - Mohamed ignored me - I reached out to GM - Tony Enderle. He said it is normal to have paint chipping for a 2013 low mileage car (nonsense). - Car title and contract did not arrive (temporary plates are expired already) - Tony Enderle (Rolls-Royce dealership GM!) agreed to issue a check and said he would send it to me the next day - For three weeks, I was trying to reach him - always busy, leaving a message - never calling back - Emails not responded to. - After two more weeks finally sends a check BUT with the WRONG name on it. So basically, I don't know how these people can be around one of the best car brands in the world. The service is non-existing, and I suggest you steer away from this dealership if you don't want to ruin your car buying experience."