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Abdullah Mansour
Abdullah Mansour, General Sales Manager, Boch Toyota South
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Abdullah Mansour

General Sales Manager

Boch Toyota South

620 S. Washington St.
North Attleboro, MA 02760

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1 Review of Abdullah Mansour

December 13, 2017

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"My Boch Nightmare,"

- rrebelo11

My Boch Nightmare, I have purchased vehicles from The Boch Motor group since 1997, I purchased a corolla then and when it was paid off I purchased another Corolla in 2003 then 2007 and a RAV 4 in 2013. My In laws and cousins all purchased Toyotas through Boch as well including 2 Tacomas and a corolla In 2016 I purchased a Subaru Forester from Boch New to you in Norwood. My family had paid off over $100,000 in loans to Boch over the years. I recently came upon hard times with a divorce and a disabled child whom I must drive to see several times a week. The Subaru after 14 months began to leak oil and transmission fluid. I first contacted the service department for help and found that the vehicle was out of warranty. I could not afford the thousands in repairs it needed, and I still owed over 10,000 on the loan. I decided to write a letter to Boch explaining my plight, I did not ask for free service or a free vehicle I only asked that they consider giving me a bit more in trade because I owed more than the car was currently worth. I was hoping to get a used Prius so that I could have a safe Energy efficient car to see my son with. When I came in no one had read my letter and I was given a standard salesman with a standard pitch. They first tried to lease me a brand-new Prius and told me that the negative equity on my Subaru (That I Purchased from them) would add 150$ to my payment which meant I was looking at $400 mo. The manager came over and said he appreciated my loyalty and the best they could do was lease me a Yaris (their worst vehicle) for 300$ a month. I was basically treated like any other customer off the street. So, the moral of this story is The Boch motor group encourages your loyalty to them but that loyalty is a one-way street. Sadly after over 20 years, I will have to find someplace with a bit more empathy toward customers. I am not angry, just very, very disappointed Ricardo Rebelo Former Boch Customer

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Jan 02, 2018

Boch Toyota South responded

Hi Rrebelo11, If you would like to discuss this matter further please feel free to contact our General Sales Manager Abdullah Mansour 508-809-2109. Sincerely, Boch Toyota South

Jan 02, 2018

rrebelo11 responded

Since this review I took my car in to fix the front breaks and found out that one of the wheel bearings is also ba. Another 900 Dollars I should have bought a new car somewhere else

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