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Bret Bokker
Bret Bokker, Service Manager, Hyundai on Perryville
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Bret Bokker

Service Manager

Hyundai on Perryville

343 N Perryville Rd
Rockford, IL 61107

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July 13, 2018

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"Beware of the Bait and Switch practiced at Perryville!"

- Perryville Bait n Switch Victim

Like to pay double for your repairs? Then Hyundai on Perryville is the right place. I moved to Rockford two years ago from Elgin. I receive coupons regularly from the Elgin dealership at significantly lower prices but Perryville won't honor them. For major repairs (timing belt, carbon canister) the price difference has been $200 to $400 dollars less at Elgin!! Well worth the drive. In addition, Perryville Hyundai uses the "bait and switch" scheme on their customers. On Monday they took down my warranty info and called to confirm my warranty coverage. I was told my out-of-pocket for the $800 repair is $100 (same job quoted in Elgin without warranty is $400). The part was ordered, service scheduled on Thursday same week. Thursday morning I'm told there is a price switch and my repair (with warranty) is now $400 - FOUR TIMES MY QUOTED PRICE!! If I don't get the work done with them I'm charged a re-stock fee + labor of a few hundred dollars. GOT CHA! You have to pay to take your car elsewhere or pay four times the quoted price if they do the work. Don't waste your breathe on the Service Manager, there is no responsibility taken for misquoting your job. After all they have your car held hostage! You have to pay the price increase or pay to get it back with no service completed. Win/win for the dealership and lose/lose for you! If you still want service a Perryville Hyundai, get your quotes in writing and throw a few hundred dollars in the trash - same thing.

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Aug 04, 2018

Hyundai on Perryville responded

Hello - I understand that Pat is helping you through the situation with your aftermarket warranty company. Let us know if everything been resolved. Kris

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