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Daniel Martinengo
Daniel Martinengo at DCH Gardena Honda
not yet rated

Daniel Martinengo


DCH Gardena Honda

15541 S. Western Avenue
Gardena, CA 90249

1 Review of Daniel Martinengo

March 13, 2018

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- LeeGirls2425

Horrible! This is the 3rd vehicle I purchased at this dealership and I will never go back! I have never had to call and return to so many times after getting a car. Let me start from the beginning... I went in to the dealership because I was reaching the end of my lease with my current vehicle (not a Honda) and was in love with the Pilot and they had been advertising $5000 their 2017 inventory. Sounds great right?! So I go in, pick out the vehicle I like and ended up doing a lease with them for a “New” 2017 Pilot and took home my new car around 9-10 pm one evening. Less than 24 hrs later I had to return the car because 1. One of my keys did not work. 2. The brake would get hard when trying to turn on the car at times ( it’s a push to start) 3. I was missing the headphones that were supposed to come in the car and 4. The AC did not work and was blowing hot air. Upon returning the vehicle I was told they needed to keep it to figure out the AC issue. They paid for me to have a rental and I got my car back after 2 days. About a day or so later a finance manager by the name of Daniel called me to ask some questions “about my income to finalize the paperwork”. I never have had that before, while in the phone I asked what would be the price of my note I decided to finance the vehicle instead. The number he gave me was less than the lease note I would be currently paying and he told me I’d have until Sunday ( it was currently Friday evening) to call him back with a decision. Immediately I started running numbers and called my insurance co to get a quote to see if that would save me any money as well. Turns out it would be a better option for me in the end to purchase the vehicle so I did a loan application with my credit union that night. I called the dealership the very next day to inform Daniel of my decision, and I literally called like 8x throughout the day trying to reach anyone in finance at that point and could never get him or ANYONE to return my calls. I called again multiple times on Sunday and Monday. I finally was able to get someone on Monday to tell them I had decided to finance the vehicle and would be going through my credit union but wouldn’t be able to speak to my loan officer until Tuesday since Monday was a holiday (Presidents’ Day). They said that was fine and I figured I’d go in get the paperwork, go to back he bank and be done right? NOT! Smh. Upon speaking with my loan officer he told me what paperwork I needed to get and what I needed to do. I’m supposed to meet with Daniel in finance at 12pm to get the new paperwork so I can go to the bank and get things going, well guess what he isn’t there, go figure smh. I went to the receptionist told her why I was there ended up waiting for 15 minutes before I’m even greeted by someone in finance. I go back to the office he prints out the paperwork and hands it to me and I think I’m done... NOPE they didn’t sign the paperwork so now I have to go back again because I can’t take it to the back without a signature from them. By now I’m getting calls and texts from their finance asking me when I’m coming in to sign paperwork and I’m like I’ve been there already and their part been done correctly I’d be done with this process. I go back to the dealership once again to get the paperwork signed. I literally just needed a finance managers signature. It’s already a little after 3 pm and I needed to get to the credit union by 4 to make sure I had enough time to speak with them and finalize everything on their end before they closed at 5. I didn’t leave that dealership until after 4pm!! Literally took about 45 mins to an hour to get a signature and reprint some papers!!! I told them when I got there what I needed to do in order to get the check to them that evening. Now it’s not possible. So the next day I go into the branch and leave with my $41k check I drop it off on my way home that evening and figured I was done with them. Once again I was WRONG. I now have about 5 inquiries in my credit report from the dealership shopping around my car loan that I had already told them I was financing with MY CREDIT UNION! A few days ago I get an alert of a new account and it’s from US Bank for an auto loan! xxx??? I have my auto loan with my credit union which is also on my report so as of now I look like I have TWO loans for the same xxxx car!!! I immediately call Daniel in finance to see xxx is going on he tells me he’s off and will be in Friday and will find out. I call Friday for an update and he calls me back asking who i have the check to and all that like they have no idea where the check went!! He then tells me Monday he should have all the info and it’ll be resolved. Well it’s Monday I called again, he told me he’d call back( that was 5 hours ago) I called again and still no answer. Btw I had to take the car back AGAIN because my lift gate functions don’t work on either key and there was a notification that came up saying there was a “ keyless start system problem”. IM SO OVER THIS!! I honestly will never purchase another vehicle from them again and DO NOT RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYONE!!!

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