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Josh Kampman
Josh Kampman, GM, Alan Webb Nissan
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Josh Kampman


Alan Webb Nissan

3608 NE Auto Mall Dr
Vancouver, WA 98662

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February 27, 2018

Dealership Rating

"Poor service and shady practices"

- Unhappycamper

My sales rep (from Alan Web Chevrolet), Tony, was fantastic. Thank you Tony for being the best car salesman I have ever dealt with. However, nearly all other aspects of purchasing and servicing my vehicle have been problematic. I only return due to the free oil changes from the lube for life program. 1st. I was told in writing I would receive a new battery upon purchase. They merely cleaned the old one. When I brought it to the Sales Manager's attention he said he would have it checked to see if it needed to be replaced. It was oozing corrosion. No sir, it's in writing...replace it. 2nd. The Certified Pre-Owned Checklist had every box checked "up to standards". One of the items is MINIMUM 2 keys/fobs. I pointed this out to the sales manager. His response was "well some only come with one key". No sir, it's in writing, 2 keys. Other items on the checklist that I felt were improperly marked were uneven/poor tire tread. The front driver side tire had fine tread on the outside, but was worn to the wear bar on the inside. Granted, I was offered a new tire after returning three times but would have to wait weeks for the replacement. I chose to purchase my own elsewhere. The wipers smeared water across the entire windshield and a number of fluids were below the minimum line (yes, I understand some need to be checked with a warm engine). When I pointed out some inconsistencies with the report the Assistant Manager agreed the entire checklist needed to be redone. When I brought it in, however, the sales manager only had the service department check those items I specifically brought to their attention. Although there was space to mark what the break pad measurement was, it was never filled in. In their defense the pads were fine, but this only supports my thought that the checklist was not actually performed. 3rd. One of the services of this dealership that was used as a selling point was their Express Lube Services, which states no appointment is necessary for these services. When I arrived, with no appointment, I was told this location does not offer Express Lube Services and that appointments are needed for all work to be performed. I subsequently spoke with the service manager, I believe her name was Stacey. She told me they no longer offer these services. I pointed out it is still listed on their website and signs adorn their building advertising such service. Her response was that they have asked the GM to have them removed. This was nearly two years ago. These advertisements are still online and in house as of two weeks ago. 4th. On more than one occasion my oil change (with appointment) has taken over an hour. I've watched my car sit 30 minutes past it's appointment time before being touched. 5th. 3 oil changes ago the free inspection indicated my struts and shocks were leaking and needed to be replaced. 2 oil changes ago my struts and shocks miraculously had no issues. On my last oil change their printout system for the checklist was not working. A number of services were recommended, but not the struts and shocks. Did they lie the first time? Was the checklist not actually performed? Either way it is difficult to trust their recommendations. 6th. I obtain a random text asking me to review them. Despite being unprofessional asking me for my name, (who wants to trust a stranger calling or texting with no verification of who they are) it was filled with misspellings and grammar errors. Nitpicky perhaps, unprofessional for sure. She was polite and friendly in her texts, however. 7th. In selling me their warranty I was told the length of time in miles is on top of what the vehicle already had. The fine print said otherwise (total miles on odometer). I informed them I was in route sales and did a large amount of driving, and asked if it would impact warranty requirements. I was told no. Again, the fine print said otherwise (must follow severe driving maintenance schedule). I was told this super-dopper high end warranty covered every little nut and bolt except wearable items lile brake pads and wipers. Again, the fine print said otherwise. Due to these events it I will not purchase a vehicle from any Alan Webb dealership, nor will I use their service department for any services other than the already paid for Lube for Life unless I feel it is emergent. Furthermore, the reaction from Nissan will keep me from purchasing any of their vehicles again. Thank you for inviting me to review your business.

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Feb 28, 2018

Alan Webb Nissan responded

Hi Mr Sofianos, I apologize for your experience. The GM will be reaching out to you soon to discuss your experience.

Mar 05, 2018

Unhappycamper responded

Thank you for your response. I look forward to discussing my experience with you, as well as the sarcastic and condescending response your customer service agent sent me via text message.

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