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Sal Becerra
Sal Becerra at Norm Reeves Toyota San Diego
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Sal Becerra

Service Advisor

Norm Reeves Toyota San Diego

5910 Mission Gorge Road
San Diego, CA 92120

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2 Reviews of Sal Becerra

January 03, 2021

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- katedahlrdh

**🇺🇸 ANY WARRANTY WORK AVOID THIS PLACE ALL TOGETHER!!! 🙅💣😱 Welp. 😱 I learned through a heartfelt employee just how dishonest service at dealerships can be! She caught me distraught, while I popped open my hood, to check work, before driving off-seeing my old bad battery still in my SUV, that even / or especially, unethical car dealerships, like Norm Reeves Toyota San Diego, sometimes recharge your dead battery to pass the test they give to avoid replacing warrantied battery! TWICE! After being towed TWICE there with dead battery. Tow truck driver thought it better I return to initial place to insist they replace it, cuz he could not even get it charging. I went against my instincts to go to a different place, because he made sense, so I thought! After Larry, the service manager said it would be replaced THIS TIME and he confirmed it was a dead cell on 12/31. Oh, and the *special* touch was grand, of NOT replacing the bad radiator cap - he confirmed was bad! I, mistakenly counted my lucky stars, too soon, as radiator fluid mixed with smoke and the burning plastic smell from the blown cell in battery crossed my mind. 2 months ago, same dealership charged me $1200 for a new radiator, THOUGH NO SYMPTOMS, dismissing my dead battery, of which was reason I went there... All this affecting our travel plans during holidays! My son got a FREE used TV for Christmas and this trip was part of his Christmas. It was to be a humble gift, after escaping DV/ex, move to CA during lockdown, thriving through miracle pregnancy while having fought breast cancer together, waiting to license in profession in a STILL LOCKED DOWN STATE! <~~~~~~~~~All details KNOWN by service manager Larry, who apparently, did NOT order mechanic to change out my warrantied battery still!!! In order for us to attempt driving again, I am FORCED to buy new battery then be reimbursed by TOYOTA !!! What about our trip being cancelled, 2 Lyft trips to dealership, ALL THE TIME WASTED, including missing Christmas? For a breast cancer survivor, time wasted is worse than anything! Nope will never get that back... Make it right, Toyota USA !!!! I avoided doing bad review the past 2 visits, hating reliving bad experiences, but they left me no choice...3rd time is not a charm!

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Other Employees Tagged: Larry Fogt

Jan 06, 2021

Norm Reeves Toyota San Diego responded

Kate, We are sorry that you feel that way. There is an alternate version of events that are backed by our records and facts. Unfortunately for you, we have to comply with Toyota’s warranty testing dictates and could not accommodate your request. We are sorry that isn’t in line with what you hoped for. Hope you have a happy new year.

October 21, 2020

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"Sal helped me with my Prius’ service. He was very..."

- ianisles

Sal helped me with my Prius’ service. He was very friendly, made my experience easy, and kept me well informed throughout the entire process. Thanks man!

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