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Christine Dumas, Client Advisor, BMW of Chattanooga

Christine Dumas

Client Advisor
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Jonathan Allers, Client Advisor, BMW of Chattanooga

Jonathan Allers

Client Advisor
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Aaron Gentry, BMW Genius, BMW of Chattanooga

Aaron Gentry

BMW Genius
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Sam Gilbreath, Finance Manager, BMW of Chattanooga

Sam Gilbreath

Finance Manager
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Latest Reviews

February 01, 2017

"Unprofessional nightmare"

- Paradise89

I was on my way to a wedding when my engine light came on. Stop in to the BMW of Chattanooga March of last year. The gentleman that was helping me get my car ticketed in to the system I didn't feel like he was really helpful kind of rude. You can get a sense of how the customer service is going to be usually in the first five minutes of being in a place. I didn't have a good feeling. It was going to take them a while to work on my car so another gentleman shuffled a lady in her 40s & myself back to our hotels. He dropped me off last and put his arm around me before I got out pulling me closer to him as he leaned in to try and kiss me. I was shaken up by his behavior. Which didn't help when the 1st gentleman called to tell me the same guy who made me uncomfortable. Wrecked my car by backing into another vehicle. I was so upset to hear what happen. I got emotional from the whole experience. I didn't really know what to do but when I got there they said they could fix it in two hours I didn't have the time I was out of time to get to the wedding and didn't want to stay there any longer. I just wanted to leave & pretend it didn't happen. They said that they would take care of me and that I can get it fixed and the dealership in Charlotte that was a year ago almost. After they said they would take care of me I contacted the same gentleman who told me he would get it all taken care of his name is Michael. I texted him whenever I got back. He tells me to email Trent Conrad and that he knows the situation. Trent didn't know the situation I had to explain it all. He then had to follow up. All of this is taking time I had to have surgery and seven surgeries following. During this time (8 months) I'm contacting Trent explaining to him that I've had surgery I can't drive but to go ahead & call the dealership here in Charlotte speak to the manager explain everything so that when I healed I can go in there when I'm ready I don't have to chase you guys down. He made very little effort to get in touch with him maybe 3-4 times in this year. three times this is happened where I have contacted justin and asked him if Trent had called three times this process would happen is were I have contacted Justin and asked him if Trent had called he said no one time. He said he did call another time but justin called him back and hadn't heard from him again and that was over this last year. I finally got fed up and call the GM to find out there was a new GM to the store. I explained that GM I'm very frustrated about my entire situation at your store my schedule does not condone be calling you guys all the time I am very busy with eight classes before Thursday and working 60 hours a week not to mention still working another job. With two jobs and school I cannot keep calling you guys to get this taken care of I explained. I told the GM it's disrespectful to my schedule that your drawing this out and it's not getting handled. It's also a disrespect me and shows that you guys really don't care about what happened. Treat found the time to email me. In which he should have called me. It said made an attempt to call the guy 2x can you get me a direct number or have him call me??? I'm like not my job. You should be calling him everyday if it's really a priority to you after almost a year there's no excuse don't give me your responsibility to do. I've already explained I'm not able to contribute anymore time on this they need to handle it. I called Justin he said yes he called and I called him back and a month later I'm finding out Trent hasn't even bothered to call him again. I called Trent after I spoke with Justin. No surprise that there wasn't an answer. I called the GM and I left him a voicemail two days later hadn't heard from either of them. I then proceeded to make a complaint with BMW which all they can do is refer the information over to the dealership. They have yet to call me back it's been over a week and my experience with them has been a nightmare I'm having to take them to court.

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January 29, 2017

"excellent experience"

- george hawkins

gary ridge was great . this is the 6th bmw we have purchased from gary and he did every thing he said he would do.we ll be back. tks again gary.

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January 09, 2017

"Nothing but Difficulties "

- EricB33

I am not one to write reviews but given my experience here I feel it necessary to share. I bought a 3 year old car from here and within the 5 months of me having it, the car has been at the dealership getting worked on for ~1 month of this time frame. The first time they had my car for TWO WEEKS. Originally the issue was they thought I needed a tire. The tire was back ordered and then after my 1 week rental car was up(warranty covered) the dealership decided to tank test the tire and determined it wasn't a tire issue but in fact a hairline fracture in the wheel. Another week passed and i finally got my car back. This was 2 months into having the car. Why would you wait a full week to tank test the tire? Beyond me. Then I brought it in for routine maintenance at the 5 month mark. Well I have all the extended warranties so it was all going to be covered. Think again, they found that the tire was treading unevenly and the tire was splitting in half. They said the warranty doesn't cover that and so I need two new tires and an alignment(~1K total). Well I've only had the car for 5 months so to say that in that time frame I caused the tire to tread unevenly is ludicrous. Also my front brakes were saying due and screeched occasionally(so it made sense to me they were due). They determined that the CBS data(the condition based monitoring the car does) was incorrect and so they reset it and did not change the brakes. I don't need a vehicle status report to know when I hear brakes screeching.. I got a BMW to not have these types of experiences and the dealership didn't seem to put any priority on getting my car back to me on either occasion it was there. Given this, I requested to speak to the GM and express my thoughts and seek some sort of compensation for not having my car for almost a month out of 5 months of owning it. I spoke to Ray Karnes and he assured me, "I'll tell you this, give me 24 hours to look into your case and I'll get back to you." He called me at 6pm the next day and told me his day got busy with meetings and he would touch base the next day. I never heard from the guy....Another showcase of no sense of me being any type of a priority. Extremely disappointed in my short experiences here. I wish I had good experiences here as it would be very convenient for me. Unfortunately Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. I won't chance it a third time here, I am a lost customer with no confidence in bringing my car here again.

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