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3800 Morse Road, Columbus, Ohio 43219
Sales: (614) 418-9540

Makes: Used Car Dealer

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3800 Morse Road,
Columbus, Ohio 43219
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"I was approved for a loan through Roadloans for a decent..."

I was approved for a loan through Roadloans for a decent interest rate. I called CarMax a recommnded stealership. I spoke with a nice salesman and he convinced me to let them run a credit App so they could get me a better rate. They couldnt...I Charged $649 on my credit card to have a car transfered to within an hour of where I live. After a week I called and inquired about the car and they had not even assigned a shipper yet. In the mean time I pulled a Car Fax on the vehicle instead of the AutoCheck and learned that the car was a Theft recovery. Being uncomfortable with that I called and cancelled the transfer. I was told it would take 14-21 Business Days to get my money back because the salesman entered it as a Check and not a Credit Card. In the meantime, I was out the $649 to put down at another dealership. Without enough money to put down it took me 15 days to come up with enough to meet the payment and downpayment requirements to purchase another vehicle. I went to the new dealership today and was told that they dealt with Santander Bank all the time and could get the interest rate down abit. Wrong. When they went to process the packet from Roadloans, they were told because it was a few days before the expiration date of the approval they would have to pay a fee and there wouldnt be enough time to process the packet. They declined without informing me. They went on to get an approval through another bank for 6% more interest, $100 more a monthly payment because they wanted to sell me Gap Insurance and a warranty. I called Roadloans and was told I would have to re-apply because Don Wood Ford had my approval cancelled. I did and was approved for a lesser purchase price, Higher down payment and Interest rate. All because these so called Stealerships pulled many inquiries and lowered my credit score 15 points. I called Don Wood back today and told them I had a new approval and they wouldn’t even lower their price after screwing me over. Thanks Stealerships, My driveway is empty and 21 days later still out my $649. Had Carmax not ripped me off for the $649, I would have been able to by a car before my approval expired.

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