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Jeff Belzer's New Prague


836 Lifetime Reviews

1185 280th St W, New Prague, Minnesota 56071
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Top Reviewed Employees

Dave Seipp, Sales Consultant, Jeff Belzer's New Prague

Dave Seipp

Sales Consultant
Employee Rating is a new feature allowing consumers to rate their experience with individual dealership employees.
Adam Olson, Delivery Coordinator Manager, Jeff Belzer's New Prague

Adam Olson

Delivery Coordinator Manager
Employee Rating is a new feature allowing consumers to rate their experience with individual dealership employees.
Bob Shoemaker, Delivery Coordinator, Jeff Belzer's New Prague

Bob Shoemaker

Delivery Coordinator
Employee Rating is a new feature allowing consumers to rate their experience with individual dealership employees.
Sarah Whitney, Internet Sales Consultant, Jeff Belzer's New Prague

Sarah Whitney

Internet Sales Consultant
Employee Rating is a new feature allowing consumers to rate their experience with individual dealership employees.

Latest Reviews

April 20, 2017

"fast,in and out in 1 day, great customer service!"

- sara dean dahle

I went to ford in mankato 3 weeks earlier. horrible customer service and didn't make me feel number 1. They didn't seem to busy but acted like they where! never again and still after they pulled my credit no phone calls. I even called and asked him to call me back. So I walked into Chevrolet said i want a car today but need to leave by 5 pm they said okay and they had over 5 customers, at that time their focus was all of us. I left at 10 tell 5pm with a amazing great car sales manager was great and sale guy was awesome told me so much! simple I went in and left with it same day just like I wanted :]

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March 24, 2017

"Felt taken advantage of"

- Vaughn M Powell

I'm sure Jeff Belzer's does a wonderful job selling cars when a customer actually wants to buy, and I'll say that I would have been a serious buyer if I felt like I had been treated fairly and we came to an agreement on price. Sadly, neither one of those instances occurred. I had been corresponding with a salesperson via email about coming out of my current lease early. I'm over on miles and thought I could get into another car if the numbers worked out. I also wanted to know what my current car was worth so that I could get a better idea of how much I would owe in negative equity. The salesperson explicitly told me to come in so that they could appraise my car. I even made sure to ask him whether they would actually appraise it, because it's happened to me before where a dealer says they'll look at my car, but when I get to the dealership, they turn me away. I drove 30 minutes to Jeff Belzer's and was helped by a guy named Adam Engdahl. He took my car keys to make it seem like my car was going to get appraised. Then he started talking to me about new and used cars that he could sell me. He was nice about it, and he tried to educate me about the current condition of my car as well as what I could possibly end up paying in fees at the end of my lease, but all the while, I'm waiting for someone to come back to me with an appraisal for my car. Long story short, I spent about 2.5 hours in that dealership before Adam presented some numbers to me about a Kia Sportage I was interested in and had test driven. There was about a $100 difference in what I wanted to pay monthly and what the dealership was offering. We couldn't agree, so there was no deal. I thought that would be the end of it, but then they brought in this closer named Jessica Gitch, who pretty much started the process all over again. Mind you, I had already been at this dealer for going on 3 hours. The fact that she began talking to me about other cars she could get me to consider or whether I wanted to buy or lease just made me feel more exhausted. Eventually, I told her the reason I was at Jeff Belzer's to begin with was to get an appraisal on my car, which is what I was told would happen from that initial salesperson I spoke to via email. Yet, she confirmed what I had feared: that they never did or were going to do an appraisal on my car. Then she started to ramble on about how they're known for their customer service (which made me guffaw), how no one working there earns commission (which clearly doesn't improve their customer service), and how if the customer doesn't have a good experience at their dealership, the salesperson gets a "hit". At the end of her spiel, which included a lot of other nonsense, I told her to give me the keys to my car so that I could leave. Adam did end up giving me a number for the value of my car, but I'm almost certain he just went on KBB to look up a price (it was the same price that I got when I looked up the value of my car on KBB). I spent 3 hours in this dealership with the impression that I was going to get an appraisal, and I could have potentially bought a car if I got the one I wanted at my price point, but instead, I got the work around and I felt taken advantage of. I don't understand why they couldn't have told me, straight up, that they weren't going to appraise my car. That's what other dealerships have done and I only wasted 20 minutes as opposed to 3 hours. I understand that they're trying to get me to buy another vehicle, but did they really think I was that dense to purchase something I couldn't afford? Now I have even more miles on my leased car for absolutely no reason. Jeff Belzer's completely wasted my time and upped my mileage fee even more.

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February 20, 2017

"Very nice "

- Coolbeans

I went to Belzers to get a Jeep. I Had done my research prior to stopping in. Joleen searched the inventory for my perfect vehicle. I had limited time that day. I came back a few days later. In the meantime, she had papers done, car detailing done, and everything in place for my return. I was in and out with my new Jeep within a hour of arrival. Very positive experience!

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