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Brian Hessler, Service Director, Napleton Clermont Chrysler Jeep Dodge

Brian Hessler

Service Director
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Bob Barnette, General Manager, Napleton Clermont Chrysler Jeep Dodge

Bob Barnette

General Manager
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June 27, 2017

"Horrible! Salesman Violated Every Company Code of Conduct "

- burdfrenzy

"Shopping on the Internet I found a used Lincoln Navigator I was very interested in. I called Napleton Chrysler in Clermont, Florida where it was located. I asked for additional details and was asked if I would like to make an appointment to test drive. I was happy to make an appointment and thought I was all set. The drive is over an hour away and the wife and I arrived on time. As the wife and I were looking at the red Navigator on Napleton's car lot, a salesman came upon us quickly. The salesman was not friendly and seemed to have a chip on his shoulder. He never asked our names and I had to politely ask for his name, Shawn I believe. He stated if you are planning to finance, no bank will finance this vehicle for you since it has over 100,000 miles on it. I knew the salesman wasn't telling me the truth. Greenway Chrysler Dodge Orlando offered me a financed deal on a 121,000 mile vehicle with Chrysler Capital. I asked the Napleton salesman how much cash down would I need to secure this used vehicle? He stated it doesn't matter how much cash down you have no bank will finance you for a vehicle over 100,000 miles and I already said that. What if I traded my 2015 Dodge Caravan in? No. It won't matter and we don't have any other vehicles like this. The salesman also stated he has been selling cars for 26-years and he knows what he is talking about. "None, no others like this", I asked. I realized the salesman didn't want to sell the Navigator to me with his cold shoulder attitude. I said well I guess that is that. With that he walked away. The Napleton Salesman never asked me if I was interested in any other SUV. There were a number of used full size Jeeps and Rams I would of liked to see. He also could of said, well since you and your wife made the trip up here how about I show you something else. He just walked away leaving us standing there like unwanted uninvited guests. This was a very humiliating experience. We felt slighted, treated rudely, disrespectfully, and extremely unprofessional big league by Napleton Chyrsler Clermont. That was Sunday. I was called by another salesman later that Sunday who apologized to me and said we should of never been treated that way, it's not how we do business here. Parker said the other salesperson did lie to me about the bank financing and should of never said that. I said the first impression is the most important. He begged me to come back up to take a test ride in the 2007 red Lincoln Navigator and give Napelton another chance. I agreed to do that and told him Monday I have a in-patient hospital visit and will be available first thing Tuesday. Parker agreed and once again he apologized for the way the other salesman had treated the wife and I and wanted badly to make that up. Tuesday early I received a phone call from Napleton Chrysler Clermont that the 2007 Lincoln Navigator was just sold and don't bother to make the trip. I said this whole experience was extremely disappointing. Parker said in return, "at least I had the courtesy to call you. Would you rather drive all the way up here then find out it was sold?" I said I was there two days ago to make the deal and was turned away. Parker stated I can't be responsible for other salesmen. So there you go. What's the point in arguing. Obviously they were holding the 2007 Navigator for someone else as a favor or had another person in mind or perhaps the salesman wanted it for himself, I don't know. Not a happy ending at all. Before moving to Florida I was warned there are plenty of scams in this state that come in all shapes and sizes. Us being seniors, we must be careful. A new car dealership is a new one for me. Never ever again Napleton Chrysler Clermont. The proof of receipt I have is the email confirmations from Napelton...:

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Employees Worked With

Erika Perez Victoria Tapia Shawn or Sean

June 10, 2017


- Sleestak

Considering a keep wrangler - I did my resear Cj and went to the dealership this am wanting to learn how the top goes down , any incentives and to test drive. My husband explained to salesman that this would be for me and I wanted to see How hard it is to take the top down etc. asked him to show me . He basically shows me how the front inclips from the visor On each side and said well we aren't gonna take the whole thing down now because you have to unzip the windows etc . He says actually the hard top is easier . Ok my husband asks him to show me . I explained that I had owned a Miata and I loved how easy the top Came down . So we went to a hard top and he again unclipped the front clips and told me then these Panels lift out and you stow them in the back in bags. My husband asked if I could test drive - I said no I'm not interested anymore. My husband asked did he have a card - he says no . Then he went inside and got a card from Manager . Sat am 11 am . FYI - I have excellent credit .most likely go to carmax

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Employees Worked With

Card was for Richard McKinley but I don't believe that was this guys name

May 10, 2017

"2500 RAM Purchase"

- wrodrigu

Came in to get my RAM 1500 Longhorn serviced and drove away with a 2017 2500 Longhorn. Sean was a very convincing sales person. So much so that when I took him to my home to talk to the wife who I thought would not agree to my buying, he convinced her to let me but the truck.

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Employees Worked With

Sean Alderman

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