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Pat Lobb Toyota of Mckinney


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3350 South Central Expressway, McKinney, Texas 75070
Closed 8:30 AM - 9:00 PM Hours
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Top Reviewed Employees

Derek Haines, Internet Sales, Pat Lobb Toyota of Mckinney

Derek Haines

Internet Sales
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George Mogollon, Internet Sales, Pat Lobb Toyota of Mckinney

George Mogollon

Internet Sales
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Sid Waldrop, Sales Consultant, Pat Lobb Toyota of Mckinney

Sid Waldrop

Sales Consultant
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Bobby Lane, Sales Associate, Pat Lobb Toyota of Mckinney

Bobby Lane

Sales Associate
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Latest Reviews

October 20, 2016

"Outstanding Sales Person"

- Bonzai61

I can't say enough about James Dion, my sales person. He presented several options, listened to my wants and needs and kept me in my price range. It was the easiest car buying experience I have had in years. Because of James, I was able to get into my dream vehicle! Then when I went to Finance, Derek Haines made that process super easy and got me an excellent rate. Thank you James and Pat Lobb Toyota!!

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October 17, 2016

"Happy Avalon customer"

- Happy Avalon Owner

We just purchased our second Avalon Hybrid from Pat Lobb. Tim O'Grady sold us both of our vehicles and was great to work with and very helpful. Felt like he made every effort to get us the best deal. We also worked with MATT in Finance and he was very helpful. If you are looking for a new car you definitely need to contact Tim.

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October 10, 2016

"They will never work on my Truck again!"

- Jason

To start of, I am not your average car owner. I am knowledgeable in vehicle maintenance and repair. I am a car enthusiast and also went to school for auto mechanics. Now to get to my experience. I bought a 2017 Tacoma from this dealership on Aug. 11, 2016. I scheduled my first appointment with the service department for 10/5/16. When scheduling the appointment I requested along with my 5k service to have the Transmission fluid checked because of a minor slip when the car was cold and shifted from 3rd to 4th gear. The person placing my appointment said there was a TSB(Toyota Service Bulletin) for the transmission that they could perform. I know of the TSB and also knew that it did not include a fix for the issue my truck had. I informed the appointment taker of this and stated that I did NOT want the TSB performed as it did not relate to my issue. The person taking my appointment said ok and that it would be no problem to have the transmission fluid level checked while in for service. So far everything seemed to be going fine. When i show up 30 minutes early to my appointment to have the services I requested performed I explained the same things to the Service adviser(I do not know his name). The service adviser the also told me there's a TSB that could fix my transmission issue, I repeat to him that the TSB does not fix an issue with a slipping transmission and that i did not need or want the service performed. I also stated that it does not slip all the time but will most of the time if the car sits for 1-2 hours. The Adviser said the Technician would drive it to try and replicate the slip i was having. I told him that if needed i could drive the vehicle since i know the exact situation that the transmission slips. The Service adviser said OK we will not perform the TSB and will check your transmission fluid. He also said that i may be asked to drive the vehicle to recreate the slip if the Technician could not replicate the issue. I then go to the lobby to wait as long as necessary for my truck to be serviced. Now prior to my visit I had read the TSB multiple times that comes directly from Toyota Corporate and it clearly states that it will only correct 3 things. 1. Harsh shifts from 1st and 2nd. 2. Delayed engagement when shifting from Park or Reverse to Drive. 3. A delayed upshift when using cruise control. It continues to state that if the vehicle exhibits any of these symptoms to continue to step 2(Performing the TSB) If the vehicle does not exhibit these symptoms the Bulletin DOES NOT APPLY and to continue diagnosis using the applicable Repair Manual. My truck did not have any of those symptoms which is why i did not want or need the TSB performed. 4 hours later the Service Adviser called me(while i was sitting in the lobby) to inform me my truck was out of service and in the car wash line so it would be ready soon. He continued to inform me that the technician could not replicate the slip so they went ahead and performed the TSB(Which i specifically stated multiple times to not perform to my truck). The adviser then tells me they had no choice and that it was a mandatory service for EVERY truck that came in for service. I ask him why my fluid was not checked per my request and he then tells me the transmission was too hot to perform a transmission fluid check but the TSB should have fixed my transmission slip. At this point i know i am being lied to whether the adviser knew he was lying or not. While waiting another 30+ minutes for my car to come through the car wash i go to speak to the Service Manager(Toby Clark) now. I explain what has happened and how my request for the transmission fluid to be checked had been ignored along with the TSB being performed after i specifically said not to perform it and now i have wasted 4 1/2 hours for a service to be performed that was not done. The manager then tells me that they HAVE to perform the TSB before further trouble shooting and if i still have a transmission slip they will then perform a fluid check. I ask again why a service i requested to be performed was not done and he then states that the transmission would be too hot since i drove it to the dealer that morning. I ask him how it would not be cool enough after ,y truck has been in service for 4 1/2 hrs and he tells me that with this "Texas Heat" it would have cooled enough to perform the fluid check and i would have to leave it overnight. Once again I have been lied to because I know the TSB did not need to be performed and that the transmission had plenty of time to cool enough to have the fluid checked. He finally asks how he can remedy the situation but for me i could no longer think straight. I told him that at this point I didn't know what he could do and i needed to leave and cool off. I was so furious with being lied to by service people who had NO knowledge of the service that they performed to my vehicle, which i specifically told them not to do. I did not want to become a loud irate customer as that would have done no good but allow me to blow off some steam but i knew would get me no where. I can only assume at this point that this service department doesn't actually care abour fixing a problem with a new car they sold but would rather just perform the easiest services that they can bill Toyota Corporate for to boost there repair numbers. At this point I can no longer trust the service department. They have shown me they do not know what services they are performing and that they can not listen to what the customer has requested. I can no longer see myself trusting them with my vehicle. I will have to find a new service department to handle my needs as long as my truck remains under warranty.

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