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George Mogollon, Internet Sales, Pat Lobb Toyota of Mckinney

George Mogollon

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Derek Haines, Internet Sales, Pat Lobb Toyota of Mckinney

Derek Haines

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Latest Reviews

January 14, 2017

"Absolutely deceitful and deplorable....Don't Buy here"

- Do_Not_Buy_At_Pat_Lobb

I recently was in the marketplace to purchase a vehicle. I researched for a 2016 RAV4 XLE and they had one. I started off my contact with Andrew who appeared trustworthy so I scheduled time to visit with them on a Thursday evening. When I arrived, I worked with Lauren who showed me the car and I was ready to purchase. Lauren brought out John Baldwin who is the sales manager who worked the numbers for me. When I was asked about a trade in, I said I had an offer on my vehicle for $3k so I would not be trading it in unless they would match it. John said he would post it on the dealer network to see if there is any dealer who would be interested. John posted the vehicle and he had an offer for $1500. I told him that it was too low, but for sake of calculations, he inserted that into the offer sheet. John took off $1,100 off the offer sheet. It was about 8:30 in the evening, and I was ready to purchase (without the trade in), but we agreed to look at things at Friday morning. As I was financing the vehicle, I asked about the necessary documents and received a list of documents to bring to close the deal. I called John on Friday morning but he was away. John called me back and said he was away from the office due to a family emergency. He said the dealers came back with an offer for $2000 and I told him that I would proceed without the trade in. He said he wasn't sure if he would be able to get back to the office that day and he would pass my information over to another sales manager, if he wasn't able to. He advised that I text him before I go to the dealership. After getting off work, I texted John and did not receive any response. I texted Lauren and she said that she was working till 6pm that day, but she could stay around until I came in. I told her I would be coming in to purchase the RAV4 we looked at the night before, and she to let her know as the dealership would need 30 minutes to prep the car. I told her I had all the documents they wanted ready and would be coming in after a quick dinner. I picked my son up and went to the dealer at around 7:00-7:15pm. When I arrive at the dealer I saw Lauren with another customer and I waited for about 15 minutes. When I got her attention, she told me that she was with another customer, but would have someone show me & my son the vehicle. She pulled Randy in and he showed us the car. After we saw the car, I told Randy I was ready to purchase...I told him that John and I had verbally agreed to almost all the items, so it would be only about getting the necessary documents. So he went over and pulled several documents (Toyota Certified Used Vehicle documents) and the numbers. I provided Randy with the offer sheet and pointed out the numbers John and I agreed on. Then Randy pulled the numbers that he got from John's boss....The numbers did not align and I told him that it was not what was agreed to. Randy, who obviously needs some social skills, starts ranting about how prices can change daily even at a walmart and such unnecessary redirection of the information. Proving his lack of intelligence, he starts quoting the first amendment, saying he is free to say whatever he wants to say and that a deal is truly not a deal, that it can be reneged on and so on.... At this point, I ask him...isn't a verbal contract a contract? Naturally, the single brain celled Randy does not comprehend this....and tries to argue with me and my son. I walk away from the table and motion to Lauren that I cannot deal with Randy, and ask for someone else to salvage the deal. She walks over the the managers desk but nobody comes out. Another cowardly act by the managers....I am sensing that these dudes clearly are not professionals, but highly introvert cowards who are afraid to come out and apologize.. Lauren came out and said that she would talk with John and get things sorted out...as they open at 8AM on Saturdays...that I would receive a call no later than 8:30AM. So I leave and expected a call on saturday until 9:45ish....as I have not heard, I call John and he picks up. He simply says that they would not do the deal and that prices change everyday excuse. So here are the points and learnings from working with Pat Lobb Toyota. 1. These people are not honest about what they say (does this surprise you?) 2. These people are absolutely deplorable in their intelligence in how they quote the 1st amendment as the reason for them to lie. (Isn't this a lame? Admit your stupidity if you don't have good brain cells) 3. A verbal agreement is not honored by these people - They could and should be sued as a verbal agreement between parties is still a contract to be upheld. (You are laughing about this by now..aren't you?) 4. They love arguing with customers - Even walmart has better customer service than these people. Did they forget the principle about being in business? Customers come to buy from you...not the other way around. 5. They are cowards - they place a poor girl like Lauren in the front lines and the managers who make the decisions are hiding behind a skirt. (Grown up people) 6. They do not have the business acumen or business professionalism - A simple straight forward answer would have been sufficient. Instead of saying "let's finalize the deal now, as whoever manager shows up to work tomorrow can screw this up" OR simply admitting "we are sorry, but we should have told you that we cannot honor the deal because _____" would have been a much better approach. 7. No remorse for their arrogance - This Randy Bradley definitely needs some deep help. I have never encountered a poorly skilled person who wants to argue with customers (not to mention bad attitude, bad attire, and demeanor). I never got an apology from these people at this Toyota location. Lastly, I am hearing that they might have had another prospective buyer for the same car, that's why they wanted me to walk away from the deal, rather than trying to work with me. Fortunately, I found a much better deal and purchased a RAV4 XLE (2017 model) for about $30 more per month on same terms. I guess there are better things in store than to deal with these sore losers at Patt Lobb Toyota. They are absolutely deceptive, deplorable and tasteless people to purchase a vehicle from. If you want to be treated like you just emerged from the commode, go ahead purchase from these guys. But if you want a good place to purchase a vehicle, don't even go here...they have nothing but bad value, bad people, bad experiences...which at the end of the day is not worth it.

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December 29, 2016

"Great experience with George"

- Andrew Tanner

George was fabulous to work with. Extremely knowledgeable, very straight-forward transaction. Every part of the transaction went well and he worked very patiently with us throughout. My last couple of car buying experiences were not pleasant, if you're in Richardson, Plano or Allen and looking for a Toyota - go North to George at Pat Lobb! Andrew T

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December 20, 2016

"Service of my 2001 Avalon"

- Andy S.

I have been going to Pat Lobb Toyota Dealership in McKinney, Tx since moving here in October 2013 for service of both my vehicles, a 2000 4 x 4 Tundra Extended Cab and 2001 XLS Avalon. I bought them new and maintain them in new mint condition. I interviewed with Assistant Service Manager, Doug Ranzer and Senior Technician, Jeff Colefield before selecting them as the personnel to handle and always work on my vehicles. Love and totally trust them in caring for my vehicles. I just had both CVR Boots and one engine mount repaired on my 2001 Avalon (first time ever needed these repairs) when I immediately noticed leaking fluid. My team, Doug Ranzer and Jeff Colefield corrected the problem swiftly and accurately keeping my car in pristine condition. Doug made sure as always that I got a reasonable discount for being a loyal and committed customer. I really appreciate ethical and honest people like this at a car dealership. I highly recommend Doug Ranzer and Jeff Colefield at Pat Lobb Toyota Service Department. Thanks guys for always taking care of my vehicles. Andy Solomon

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