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James Duet, Manager, Tempe Kia

James Duet

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Andrew Caccia, Salesperson, Tempe Kia

Andrew Caccia

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August 01, 2017

"Worst experience ever"

- infuljoy

The worst car shopping experience I've ever had. I've been looking at used Cadenzas for months and I found a great one at their dealership. The process started out smoothly enough. The car was great and the salesmen was helpful. Then things started getting weird. I had gone to a different dealership and almost bought another Cadenza. They were able to offer me a deal with zero down for almost the same price. Here they told me they would need at least $2,500 down to even try because I had negative equity in my current vehicle. I was taken aback, but I really wanted this car. Fine, I agreed to put $2,500 down. I wanted to show the car to my fiance though but they said I couldn't take it for an extended test drive for the evening. We live pretty far. I only went here because they had the car I wanted. Again the last Kia dealership I went to offered it to me before I could even ask. Okay, fine. So we came back the next day, put down a deposit and waited to get into finance to sign the final papers. This is where things got worse. We were told it would be ~30 mins. An hour into waiting, I hear a guy flipping out on the other side of the dealership about being there all day. About 20 mins later, another guy is yelling. This should have been a red flag but I thought maybe they were just rude people. Around this time the salesmen helping us comes over and says they are having trouble finding a bank to "take my deal." I have good credit and was putting a good sum down. This is where my stomach started to churn. About 50 mins after that they finally tell me "good news". What a joke that ended up being. He sits me down and tells me they found one bank. I look at the price and it's the original price they gave me when we started the deal. What a coincidence! Top that off with the interest rate they got me was over 8%. Are you kidding me? I tell him to take a hike and I want my deposit back. The deposit we made on my fiance's card who had gone home at this point because of how long the wait was and the manager tells me she needs to come back with the card. Again, what? The manager was extremely rude and unhelpful at this point. I told him I know you don't need a card to give a refund. He said I could wait for the finance guy to finish a deal and talk to him. Wow, thanks! I eventually see the finance guy who then tells me they didn't even get a quote back from the main bank I asked them to see about. The bank that I had already gotten approve for a refinance at a much lower rate than the over 8% they tried to stick me with, and that was with NO MONEY DOWN. I was giving them two and half thousand dollars. He said I could wait until tomorrow. What? First off they didn't even tell me this initially, but now I can wait until the next day? This was obviously some scam they use to screw people over and try to convince them they can't get a better rate. I think they knew how much I liked the car (my fault for showing that I guess) and hoped that after spending nearly my entire Saturday evening there I would just bite the bullet and take their awful offer. Considering the two guys who flipped out before me, I can only conclude I wasn't a special case. So if you are at the dealership and find yourself sitting in the waiting area for an hour or more while they "struggle to find a deal" be aware this is more than likely them pulling the same scam. This entire experience has put me off not only this dealership but Kia as a whole. It was so frustrating and maddening I don't even want to touch a Kia again.

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July 07, 2017

"Dealer has yet to give my daughter her $100 referral gift."

- Late for lunch

A few weeks ago I went with my daughter to assist her in a new car purchase from Tempe KIA. We left the dealership with the new vehicle of her choice. The sales person said that Tempe KIA would pay her $100 for any referral and sale of a new car. My daughter recommended Tempe KIA to her friend who was looking for a new car. Her friend purchased a new car and mentioned my daughters name at the time of purchase. As of 7/7/17 she has yet to receive her $100 referral gift. If you have a friend to refer to Tempe KIA beware of empty promises. .

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June 17, 2017

"Updating Review"

- SuzV

First lease was from here and, we had a great first experience. Went back after several phone calls that we need to come in towards the end of our lease and ended up leaving with a new lease. All seemed well until we received a bill from the finance company stating that we owed them money for a key (we turned in) and for the last 2 payments. It was never explained to us that we had to pay the last 2 payments on top of the new payments on the car we just left with. Why wasn't I able to drive both cars off the lot then if I still had to pay on the other one???? Salesman had me call for the buyout quote which I gave him. I assumed (you know what that means) that he wanted that information to add to the new lease especially since my lease payments went up on the new car. I was so very wrong. I am not sure why he wanted that information if they weren't going to pay it off and add to my new lease. If I had been told that I still have to pay on 2 cars for 2 months , I would have said I will just come back when my lease ends. Never given that option at all. Then my license plate never comes in that was supposed to. So they lost my key (turned up magically when we called to complain), never got a new plate (they had to renew my temp tag and request a new plate, guess it slipped their minds), and neglected to inform me or give an option about my payoff! Called and have been getting a huge run around. Basically they blamed me for the non communication. I am new to the lease game! I thought it was like buying a new car! I have done that before. They pay off your old car and add to the new. Your payment goes up but, you leave with a new car and the leasing company isn't sending you a letter in the mail asking you to pay over $500 in 15 days! Bottom line is that my next car will not be a Kia again nor will I ever recommend them to anyone. Reason being is that we tried to get Kia Finance to help, the Corporate office of Kia to help and the dealership. They all say that they are not affiliated with each other! Take out the name Kia from all of your names then if you are not willing to help when you guys screw up. I told the Kia GM "wouldn't you want to know if you still owe money on something before you sign a new contract?" Aren't you supposed to tell people that?!?! I trusted Tempe Kia and that is a shame on you there will not be a shame on me. Can't wait to get out of this lease and go with a car company that will at least pretend to care about their customers. Thanks Kia for your awesome customer service (I say that with great sarcasm and, I wish you could see my facial expression too). Oh yeah, I almost forgot. They do use their caller ID if you have a problem and they don't have the answer. They will disconnect or not pick up the phone or just transfer to a non working extension. 9 times I called one day before the GM picked up. Update: After speaking with the GM in person, all of our issues have been resolved. The GM was very helpful and understanding. We will be returning for a new lease in 3 years. Thank you very much!

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