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1603 East Moreland Blvd, Waukesha, Wisconsin 53186
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September 05, 2017

"Unethical Dealership"

- Shann

This dealership has a no hold policy which means you have to finance the car through them the same day, or pay for the vehicle in full and take the vehicle the same day. We spent several hours in the dealership on Monday, September 4, 2017 and because Honda could not beat our banks finance rate; we asked for an offer to purchase to come back in the morning. We left the dealership at 4pm and they close at 5pm. We got the funds from the bank in the morning and contacted the dealership and was told the vehicle sold last night; in one hour. Imagine that! Our salesperson Shannon had one version of how it sold saying online, and the manager Eugene had another saying someone came in to buy it. Bottom line is that someone could of contacted us. Better yet, they could honor an offer to purchase and give a client a chance to go to the bank since Monday was a holiday. Had the salesperson and manager been honest people they could of told us someone was interested or better yet called us first thing in the morning to say the vehicle sold. This dealership has deceptive practices and is an unethical company to do business with. Go to a dealership that values relationships and doesn't have unfair practices like Wilde Honda.

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Employees Worked With

Shannon and Eugene

July 13, 2017

"Don't trust the service department!!"

- Tanya121801

I wish I could give 0 stars. I was having problems with my 97 Honda Civic stalling intermittently. I had already taken it somewhere else but they couldn't get it to reproduce the problem. I understand it is a difficult problem to diagnose. So, I finally called Wilde Honda, knowing they would be more expensive, but hoping they would be reputable. Boy was I wrong. They told me over the phone that yes they would be able to diagnose it. So I got it towed in and they called me within 30 minutes of having it saying it was the electrical portion of the ignition switch. Sounded so easy and simple. Mind you, I'm quite savvy and have had old cars in the past and had already done a simple test to check if it was the ignition switch, but I chose to trust Honda anyway. I had them fix it and $400 later I drove off the lot and it stalled within a mile. After looking at the paperwork I saw that they had written that the ignition switch looked like it might be bad-on the phone there was no 'might,' I had them fix it for that much money because they said that's what it WAS! Also, on the paperwork, they drove it for 10 minutes after replacing it-it was not stalling every ten minutes. They let me drive off the lot with a car that stalled in the middle of traffic-dangerous! So, I called Honda immediately and they must have known their mistake because they said we will get you a tow and a loaner car and diagnose and fix the problem for free. Two weeks later, still not a sure diagnosis but they were honest with me this time and I told them to go ahead and replace the distributor since that was their best guess of what was wrong. It worked! I was a happy camper until I showed up to pick it up and they were charging me $300 for this fix. It was after normal business hours and no manager was there to speak with, I had already turned in the loaner car keys, so I very reluctantly paid and took my car, planning to speak to a manager the next day about my situation. Big mistake. I should have not paid and left my car there and figured out another way home. After speaking to a nice manager who seemed willing to help, I waited for a call back while he talked to higher ups. I called a couple times trying to get ahold of him again, but after a few weeks I hadn't heard back so I went in. He was clearly hoping I'd give up because he had the answer the whole time. My paperwork was on top of his stack and he said they would refund the labor but not the parts. Silly me thought they were going to refund the labor for the ignition switch-which never needed replacing. That would have been $330. Instead I got a check in the mail for $75-the amount of labor for the distributor which actually did need replacing. I'm furious. I have spoken with numerous friends who are home mechanics as well as my boss who is a local business owner of several successful restaurants and they all think I should get a lawyer. Well, I'm a grad student struggling for money and time in the first place so I'm not sure if I have the energy for that endeavor, but hopefully I can discourage anyone else from trusting this place with fixing your car and being reasonable human beings.

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Employees Worked With

Jenn, John, Al

June 05, 2017

"Be aware when you have to sit down with the finance dept!"

- arackowski

I have been coming to this dealership for a really long time - I think I have purchased 5 autos from them? My last experience was really bad. First - my experience with the salesman (Dale) was great. He went above and beyond and made great conversation during dead time. I honestly believe that he cared about me and he cared about my experience. Great guy. That is where the great experience ended though. As you may or may not know, once you work everything out, they send you off to the finance team to sign docs and finalize everything. Here you will get a FULL COURT PRESS to buy their add on packages. You might not even get a true montly payment or interest rate until you tell them what package you will buy. It is a TOTAL TOTAL SCAM, especially the dent coverage. Once you go to use it this coverage, you will be working with a 3rd party and this 3rd party just seems to find any and every reason in the book to not fix what is ailing your automobile. ****I want to stress that Mike (Manager) in the finance department tried to make this right for me, but due to this being 3rd party, It was out of his control.**** I just feel you should not be selling something that you cannot stand behind. STAY FAR AWAY FROM ANY PACKAGES THE FINANCE DEPARTMENT TRIES TO SELL YOU.

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Employees Worked With

Dale Darling(Great) and finance dept.

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