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"Coming the dealership I had my reservations because it was a drive for me. I was coming with my daughters from a far way in Florida. I saw amazing prices in Florida and knew that for me I was risking A LOT. I arranged with the reception there to pick us up from EWR airport and brings us to the dealership. To our arrival not only was the car that we put a deposit on prepped and available but everything from the service of the salespeople and reception amazing put the finance department delivered on everything! Definitely worth the travel! 21st is amazing and in coming back! Usually dork so these reviews but I felt compelled because the negative reviews written were NOT helpful. "
"Mike was amazing. It was my first time buying a car from a dealership. It didn't matter how long it took to find a car, he was going to help me find one and he did. He was completely upfront, friendly, personable and really helped me out. I couldn't be happier with my Mazda and with the Mazda dealership in Wayne. Thanks so much again! "