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"No. Just no. The service department is terrible. Not only are they rude (the service manager actually) they will keep your rv for months!!!! While they fix minor issues. And make you do all the work for warranty, etc. Still waiting on the owner of Orangewood to call me back. I've heard you should go to Vans."
Durango Ken
3 days ago
"My wife and I decide to purchase the Outback 250TRS, but the price at the local dealership was too much. A web search turned up a price at Holman Motors more than $12K under the local price. I assumed there would be lots of hidden fees (there weren't) or problems with the trailer (there weren't). I gave my local dealership a chance to compete, telling them Holman's price, but they wouldn't get close. So I drove from Durango to Cincinnati to pick up the trailer. "Camper Jim" was a pleasure to work with. He answered all my questions, even the stupid ones, with credibility and patience. He didn't play any games, like trying to upsell a bunch of add-ons when I arrived. He was honest and clearly very knowledgeable about travel trailers. He encouraged me to spend the night in my new trailer (for free) on their lot so I could have time to inspect and test everything on the trailer. I strongly encourage all future buyers to do the same, as I found some very minor issues that they immediately addressed. Having done this, I was able to embark on the 1500 mile journey home with confidence that I had made a solid purchase and wouldn't be running into any problems. I strongly recommend Holman Motors if you're considering a new trailer, and Jim St. Pierre in particular. "