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Vindog & Gal
"My husband and I wanted to buy a travel trailer from a local dealer. Chose to go to Dodd RV after reading their history and mission statements on the website, and their Lifetime Warranty. Right at the start and throughout our experience, they greatly exceeded our high expectations. Was amazed at the amount of time that Greg spent with us talking, explaining to be sure that we picked out the trailer that was right for us... not just to make a sale. We were even given water bottles, fresh coffe and chocolate chip cookies. He, Arnold and Richard (dealt with them the most) made sure we got all our questions answered, understood all explanations, were able to make wise choices. We are retired and want to travel about and see new places and things. We had not done camping like this before. We both had specific concerns about towing and parking the trailer. On delivery day, everyone involved took the time we needed for them to be satisfied we were ready to take our new 'baby' home. Not surprisingly and as promised, Greg took us out to try our skill at driving our truck with trailer and parking the trailer. We headed home with beginning confidence, ready to explore and enjoy a new phase of our lives."
Travis 4141
"Great people to work with reasonably priced vehicles salesman was very courteous negotiating skills are good I would definitely recommend them to anybody nice little car dealership"