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"Purchased a used motorcycle from them. I looked around a few places and knew i would go back and get this bike. What won me was the customer service, no games at all. Told Josh exactly what i was looking for and what i wanted to spend. Made it happen and closed the next day and rode my bike home. When I upgrade again will only go to Josh and the guys at Mungenast. Also got a couple new helmets for my daughter and I while we were there. Prices and customer service will always bring me back. "
"1st experience was told they would take a trade on anything, I had a 2005 Yamaha 1100 cruiser looking to trade for a scratch and dent street bike. Wouldn't take the bike, guess according to your comamercial we trade anything, I should have tried to trade a toilet plunger as that may be beneficial to you! They claim your credit is not what counts, but your personal situation is what counts. 1st try denied due to credit rating against a 2500.00 used piece of scratched and dented piece of motorcycle. . 2nd try today, . Listening to Krazy(literally) Kevin Powell commercial, I applied to trade my '13 Toyota against a ford. Figuring that what was said on radio 93.5, your credit doesn't matter, your personal attributes matter. Got a call from some girl to come on over and speak with JR(should have seen the red flag). So I drove 1 hr and 40 minutes only to be told my credit sucks and try again in 2 to 3 yrs. Credit doesn't matter huh, we take the personal fortitude(Kevin, that word means integrity!). A drive on almost 3 hrs to be made feel like a lowlife is beyond acceptable. I'm sure you have fine print in your print ads, but none on your radio ads. Thanx for squashing my anticipation, wasting 22.00 in gas and 4 hrs of my life. You will never get my business or any of my aquaintces either(I'm sure in the back of your demented mind we are all losers anyhow!) So, here it is...a copy of this will be forwarded to AG Roy Cooper for deceptive advertising tactics. Good luck and good riddance.....by the way, your photos in your dealership should have been an omen....you truly are crazy, not krazy(sp). I'll just agree with you..YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS PRACTICES ARE -KRAZY....literally(do you know what that word means?) thing is I told the young lady, you have my credit info, please don't waste my time or gas....WAS TOLD "KEVIN" works with people, not you credit past, funny thing, never saw the infamous Kevin or was even introduced to Boss Hog...JR........hmmmmm.....bs. Roy Cooper will be informed of your deceptive predatory ad practice, let's see what happens...."