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4 days ago
"Well first I spoke with someone earlier and was told that I was approved and all I had to do was come in, when I arrived, after driving for 3 hours, my daughter and I wasn't greeted but completely ignored by the entire staff and looked at like some sort of animal, not to mention the guy at the front desk was on the phone with a friend and didn't bother to acknowledge me. After I finally got tired of standing and waiting to be greeted I went inside of a office and asked for assistance. Once I was assisted the sales guy was an complete jerk and was basically told that there was no way they could accept my 15' trade in because my score was to low, so I thanked him and exited his office, while I was leaving I was completely ignored again! I wouldn't wish this type of customer service to my worst enemy! Stay away from Kevin Powell!!"
"Gave me clear and concise information about what they would do and cost... They always listen to any little problems I may have a concern about. Washed my car as part of service. I happened to drive in wrong service door and a young man immediately took me up front and drove my car to correct area. Waiting area offers snacks and beverages... very comfortable. Thanks for the good service!"