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"I knew what vehicle I wanted and Gus made sure it happened quickly and smoothly. He is the nicest salesperson I've ever worked with."
2 days ago
"The reason I called Jack that morning was that when I left the car in the evening,I noticed that one of the tires on my Smart car was losing air , so I contacted Jack the next morning and asked him what to do. Jack has been my service rep for a number of years, and I felt I can always call on him . He told me to come to the service center and he would check the tire for me. The Service Center was very busy that day. Jack came to me as soon as he was notified , and we chatted about the tire and he went to take care of the matter. I did end up waiting and waiting for a long time - but as I said before, it was a very busy business day and there were lots of people waiting. I would see Jack once in awhile come in and deal with his other clients of the day. He would stop by me and let me know that my car was being checked out by his crew . Later, he stopped by to explain to me that the tire was damaged and needed to be replaced. I gave him permission to replace the tire. .....More waiting!! Finally, it was done and I was able to drive home. I trust Jack to take the best care of my car. A year ago, I heard a rattle in my car every time I made a right turn. Took it in to have it checked out - but no reason for it to rattle was found. Took it home and car continued to rattle. Jack took over the problem, and it took many days and many trials of driving, but Jack finally found the problem! Since then, I consider Jack as not only the manager of my car, but he has become my very dear friend. I have in-laws who bought a Mercedes sedan and have come in contact with Jack for their car checkups and they told me that they also love the person he is. Jack not only is knowledgeable about cars but he is friendly, personable, -the epitome of a representative for Mercedes-Benz. P.S. I told Jack that I may replace my Smart for a new one, so he put me in contact with Victoria, and while I was waiting for my tire to be replaced, I was able to talk with Victoria - I am deciding whether or not to get a 2017 Smart. We are still negotiating. "