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"I'd been interesting in owning a Smart car before the brand came to America, and I had been hoping that electric cars would be 'a thing' by the time my 2003 Kia Rio was about finished. Luckily for me ED Smart Cars are now a thing and even more luckily for me my nearest dealer was Smart Center Boston. I made an early enquiry months before we would have the money to purchase to find out what other things we would need to arrange for an electric car, and Todd was incredibly helpful without being pushy. He understood it was just a fact finding call and answered my questions honestly and from a position of an experienced driver of that car. Honestly, what more can you hope for than that? A few months later with the funds in place, there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to move forwards and so I specifically asked for Todd by name when trying to arrange a test drive, and to hopefully sign the lease. The day we could go to Boston was Todd's day off, but he offered to come in anyway so long as we promised to be on time. We were a little early and the other dealership staff were friendly and helpful while we waited. After two very snowy test drives (as my wife will also be driving the car at times) Todd helped us with all the paper work. Every price he mentioned in my initial conversations with him came out exactly as promised with no additions or extras, which I really appreciated. So often you get told one price, but there's a bunch of stuff like tax and registration etc that they didn't bother including in that. We couldn't leave with the car that day because there were some extra hurdles to go through with the paper work, me being a permanent resident rather than a citizen, so Todd offered to have someone deliver the car to our house on the cape once everything was signed and finalized. In fact, Todd himself delivered the car on Presidents day, picking up the car I was trading in against it, after spending a good amount of time going over the car's features and functions. When my wife was on her test drive, I saw a sign talking about the 'Herb Chamber's promise' about how they don't try to push cars on people, etc etc. Todd definitely lived up to that promise and then some. When my lease is up in three years, I will definitely have Smart Center Boston at the top of my list when deciding what to do next."
"I just love my new Smart car I bought a 2015 smartcard a great deal from Thai singer I have a 2008 I've had for years I bought from them previously ever experience with them is always a pleasure"