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2 days ago
"This is your typical Shady car dealer.. they make a deal and then they come back to you the following day and renege on that deal. You put $1,000 deposit down on a vehicle and the very next day they say they want $1,800 deposit for a $5,500 vehicle.. get real people!!"
4 days ago
"Just a few weeks after my 100,000 service I get an engine light. Tried to call Mercedes roadside at 2am and got no answer. Finally got my car in three days later. I was told they would need it for a week. Finally got the fix done and had to take a day off work to pick up my car only to get there and find they had killed my battery. This was more than troubling as I was leaving town. At least they let me keep the loaner to go and not worry if my battery would die on me while I was out. I'm glad they fully charged and doubled checked my battery would be fine when I finally got back to get my car. The battery is original and eight years old and still kicking! "