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Brasher, BJ
2 days ago
"I bought my first Smart Car from Vadim Russu on 6/8/15 (my birthday present) and was completely satisfied with the patient explanations, help and otherwise excellent sales experience he provided. Due to an unfortunate accident my car was totaled on 8/18/15. As soon as my insurance company settled with me, I contacted Vadim and he was able to sell me another Smart Car that day. The fact I contacted Vadim immediately says volumes about how extraordinary and caring salesperson he is. I would definitely tell my friends to call on Vadim and RBM of Alpharetta to purchase a car. Two cars in two months certainly is an indication of the impression he made on me! "
6 days ago
"I was looking for a particular car, a Smart Brabus edition. Quite a few out there for sale, but trying to find someone to deal with that was trustworthy was another story. Found the 2013 Smart Brabus I wanted on-line offered by Jackson Automotive Group. Looked up their reviews, and they were all excellent. I shot them an email and was contacted promptly by Jim Turner and Kerri Bell. After a few emails, a few phone conversations, and one call as Jim walked around the car while he answered my questions (without making me feel like I was wasting his time) I decided to get the car. So, I contacted my credit union and they cut a check. It was that easy. I made arrangements to fly up and drive home to Florida. When I arrived, the car was not only detailed (and I mean looked like NEW), but it was filled up with fuel for my journey home! It was a pleasure to meet Jim in person too. The dealership is located about 100-yards off I-75 which was my highway back home... It was just meant to me. Only 7-hours later the Smart was in my garage. Thanks to Jim and the crew at Jackson Automotive Group for their excellent customer service. It's nice to know there are still some old-school down home dealerships out there where they actually care about the customer and not just about taking your money. I highly recommend these folks without reservation - especially if they have the auto you're looking for."