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6 days ago
"We worked with Ash Osman and he was very helpful and provided us with factual information that was helpful in our car purchase. We were able to test drive our car and have it purchased and on our way in about 2 hours."
6 days ago
"Purchased my Smart on Ebay at a great price, went to pick it up and the car was cleaned and as advertised. Sale experience at the dealership was fast and efficient and they were great to work with. Went over the car with me to make sure it was all as expected. Noted the day after taking it home when going through all the dash menus that the service interval had just recently expired (oops, innocent missed item), and so checked back with dealer who apologized profusely and set me up to have the complete maintenance done at the local Smart dealer and covered most of the cost. WOW, that is great customer service. Will definitely recommend them and purchased my next vehicle from them. Also noted while picking up the Smart that they had some really nice high end beauties (Porsche, Mustang Cobra, Mercedes) at really good prices."