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michele Vasquez
"The experience was awesome. I walked in feeling nervous and anxoius; and the trade-in was rushed due to personal reasons. Yet, Mr. Santelli remained patient and professional. He understood my concerns and made it easier for me to realize the confidence in my decision. Days after, Mr Santelli would call me for an update which made me feel even more comfortable in my purchase. Thank you Bruno. "
"I called Hyman Brothers at 10 minutes to close hoping to test drive a little Smart Car and they stayed open late to wait for me to arrive at dealership. My salesperson, Joe Taylor, let me test drive the car with no pressure and was very personable. I loved the car right away. It is the perfect car for city driving. It is small, reliable, and gets very good gas mileage. I feel I got a good deal and Stuart Beach was able to quickly wrap up my paperwork with no hassle. Joe and Stuart made the experience of buying a car surprisingly easy and stress free and I am very pleased with the service I received at Hyman Brothers. I have named the car Petunia in honor of a feisty little dog I had long ago. "