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BMW Service Center Reviews

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"We have received another excellent result from service on a BMW at Aurobahn. My 740Li had developed an idiosyncracy that was not related to all profiles or keys. Both keys elicted the same problem with an electronic function on one profile, but not on the other. The service department were able to find and correct the flaw with the performance for that specific profile. There was one small hiccup. We were early for the routine oil change under warranty, but we asked to have it done while they had our vehicle. After picking the car up, the electonic issue was completely resolved, but the oil change indicator was still set for oil change in 1200 miles. We checked the paperwork from the service, and saw that the oil and filter change had been performed. We took the car back to the dealership and waited in the customer lounge while our car was driven into the service center to have the oil change indicator updated. It was returned to us with a car wash thrown in for good measure."
"We needed some (previous car) lease return documents from Anita Lee after we purchased our new car from her and she delivered again. Thanks again for your services "