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"I took my car for reprogram my key because my wouldn't start and I told the tech that battery was lose and dirty he's we will fix that They call me later that won't connect with their computer and he's will cast 400 dollars to fix the problem two day passed nothing after they call me and said the my battery wired and other wire were melted and will cost me 1200 fix or 5000 for wire harness for the car I told won't do it the car was that even worth it and he charge 400 dollars and they didn't do anything I tow my car back home and clean the battery wire and thermal and charge the battery and my car started I call them and told then they didn't do anything and give my money back they said work hours and hours in car and they didn't charge battery or clean the wire for battery this is the worst job I get done from this dealer not going back with this guy and also won't recommend then "
"I enjoyed the service there! I loved how they gave me one on one customer service! Aaliyha Wright helped me out so much! I would recommend all my friends and family here!"