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Mazda Service Center Reviews

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"I booked a service appt by phone with Jose at the dealership. I explained my issue at that time - to get an estimate to repair damage to my car from a fender bender. I showed up to my appt ten minutes early and was not greeted by Mark Jones with a hello or good morning or a smile but instead with a short "what can we do for you?" I was then told that I was not supposed to be in the service area, this was a body shop issue. This was the first I'd heard this. He called over to them but they did not answer. He told me that I probably wasn't going to get in there on a Saturday. At this point, it was awkward because I sensed that he did not want to deal with me any longer. Since I needed to get this estimate done, I decided to leave and google other places around me that could do this. Mark Jones did not stop me from leaving or try to set a follow up appt. [I found a place - on Saturday - 15 minutes before they closed - and they were incredibly friendly and welcoming! Knowing the time, I went in and asked her for an appt and, without hesitation, she said "Why come back? Let's do it now." Night and day in customer service.] I sent two emails to Mike Evans, service manager and never received a response back. I then forwarded those emails to Rick Groves in upper management and he hasn't responded back either. I'm pretty patient and enough time has lapsed. Before this, we had always taken our cars there for service and bought our last two cars there. I sent the emails so that management could review and call me at their convenience. I guess it wasn't important enough for them to reach out to me. "
"Easy service. Comfortable waiting area. Pleasant employees. Not too long of a wait. Car wash. Little out of my way nowadays but I don't mind coming back for service since they make it easy."