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Mitsubishi Service Center Reviews

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"I called the service center in regards to an issue i was having with my vehicle and I spoke with Barbara and she told me to come by a certain time and they would look at it but there would be no guarantee that it would be fixed today. I was ok with that I just wanted to make sure my car was running fine so I live an hour away and I made it on time. My car was checked out and it wasn't anything. This was a Saturday and they were extremely busy but continued to maintain professionalism and good customer service. I am glad that I have the opportunity to interact with this wonderful staff. Although they were busy I was asking about my oil change and it was due and she took the time to work me in, which made me that much more happy to be dealing with a car dealership like this one ." Barbara you are the best"!"
Commuter Fred
"Not being used to new cars, I wanted to overdo it on the dealer relationship for service. I had a rear lens replaced that I had broken, plus my first service. Oil change, tire rotation and rear lens replacement. In and out in an hour. They discounted my bill just because, and the tech came out with the service manager and assured me I was good to go. Tom is an industry veteran and it shows. I'm very pleased with these guys."