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#1 Cochran Ford of Allegheny Valley


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110 Rte 908, Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania 15065
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Terry Brubaker, Sales Consultant , #1 Cochran Ford of Allegheny Valley

Terry Brubaker

Sales Consultant
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Latest Reviews

January 14, 2019

"Very pleased"

- Happy2

It was great working with Terry, we told him what we wanted and he helped us get that. Also, very pleased with the other staff that helped us out to get everything transferred and on the go with our new vehicle.

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Employees Worked With

Terry Brubaker
Employee Rating is a new feature allowing consumers to rate their experience with individual dealership employees.

December 28, 2018

"The worst service department in Pittsburgh by far"

- pinchvalve

Ford Dealerships in Pittsburgh are notoriously bad, but #1 Cochran of Allegheny Valley stands out as the worst of them all. The problems begin when you make an appointment online; the process is easy but misleading because it will be completely ignored. When you arrive at the dealership, you will be greeted by 2-3 service advisers talking to each other and completely ignoring you. You will have to interrupt their discussion about breakfast and force Amanda to look you up in the computer. She will be angry at having to work and will give you plenty of negative attitude. Of course, Amanda will have no record of your appointment and will shrug her shoulders until you insists you have an appointment. My experience was especially frustrating because I specifically called and spoke to Cochran's appointment department to confirm that they had the parts on hand and were ready for the work. Cochran's Service Manager, Erik Hertzog, responded to my complaint by saying "just because the scheduling department tells you we have parts or can do a job doesn't mean we actually can:". Wow, really? Despite my misgivings, I left the car because they eventually promised that they would get the job done in the one day promised and has a rental ready. Bad decision. On my way home (45 min away) they call and tell me that they parts they promised were in stock were actually on backorder and I should come back in. I have to argue with them again until they promise to try to find the parts locally. They find some at another dealer and tell me the car will be a few days. A few days turns into a week, at which point they insist that I come in and swap my rental car for a loaner so they don't have to pay for it. No apologies for the delay, no offer to reimburse me for the 90 minutes of gas I am wasting. In fact, they call and harass me 3 times in one day because I am not getting there fast enough! They also blame the delays on me because they did not mention changes I needed to make to the car before I brought it in. They are supposed to be experts, but they had to wait for people at Ford Corporate to tell them about this little detail. Complete incompetence and a waste of time. So I rush out, ready to make the changes and pick up my loaner. Service is closed and they left no word that I was coming. My car is nowhere to be found and no loaner is ready. Luckily, the night time sales crew was friendly, accommodating, apologetic, and helpful...everything the service department is not. I got a loaner that was on fumes, but at least my car could now be done. Days pass and I don't hear anything, so I have to call for updates. I leave messages but get no reply. Eventually, I have to call Ford Corporate to call the dealership with me on the line. Erik Hertzok lies to my face and says that he has been trying to get hold of me but "was given the wrong number". Such BS, I have several calls from them on my cell already, they have my cell and home numbers as well as my email. A week later, I get the call that my car is done. I drive all the way out again, and they bring my car to me covered in a foot of snow and ice. I have to clean it off myself and load my family inside, which is when I see that the check engine light is on. Unbelievable! I drive it for a few minutes to see if the light will clear, but it doesn't, so I go into the dealer. Amanda wants nothing to do with me and the rest of the service department is closed so I ask several people to speak to the GM. No one is willing to even give me a name, but the salespeople who helped me before called and got a promise that my car would be delivered if it was ever finished. I got to waste another half day and 90 minutes of gas. Over the next two week, Cochran waits for Ford Corporate to tell them what to do and it is eventually discovered that their equipment is out of date. A software download finally gets my car finished, in 5 full weeks instead of the 5 hours promised by Ford. Erik, of course, emailed me to tell me I could come to get my car, but I refused and they did deliver my car this time. There were random tools left inside and several pieces of interior trim were not reinstalled, so I had to spend another 45 minutes finishing their work. The icing on the cake is that #1 Cochran sent me an email asking about my satisfaction with a request to leave reviews. They included an e-mail address to let them know if I was unhappy. I sent several e-mails, and they were all ignored. Clearly, no one at Cochran cares about customer satisfaction! But they will get my reviews, that's for sure.

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Employees Worked With

Amanda, Erik Hertzog

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