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Alina  Iturbe, Social Media & Dealer Reputation Representative, BMW of Alexandria

Alina Iturbe

Social Media & Dealer Reputation Representative
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Latest Reviews

October 11, 2018

"Dishonest - Rip OFF"

- NN

DISHONEST! This BMW service department will propose to fix everything on your vehicle except what you actually brought it in for. I came in to get my breaks fixed and was prepared to spend the $1000 to get that done. I also had a TPM tire pressure monitor light on that I asked to be checked. This was an issue I had only a few months prior asked them to repair. Then the urgent calls started to come in. I was told I needed to get the control arm and bushings replaced and that if I didn't it could become hazardous while driving. I reluctantly agreed to have that taken care of out of safety concerns. A few days later I picked up my car and as I drove it off the lot the TPM malfunction light came on. Here we go again. This is the exact same thing that happened when I brought the car in a few months earlier. I immediately returned the car and asked that they recheck the TPM monitor. They assured me that there were no leaks detected when they checked but will check the sensor. The next morning I got a call that all of a sudden my car needed a new battery and actually needed a jump start to get it started that morning. I never had any issues with my battery previously but they insisted that they could not even begin to diagnose the TPM issue without me purchasing a new battery at $500. They insisted that that without a new battery the TPM monitor would not reset. I asked them to look at my service history so they could see that this was an ongoing issue and one I asked them to address during my previous visit. I had no battery issues then. All to no avail. I was so angered as they went on to tell me that if I picked my car up and took it home it would not start the next day. I literally felt strong armed into making a purchase I did not feel I needed. They had my car in their possession for a week and did not detect battery issues when I initially picked it up. All of a sudden when I return the vehicle because they did not fix what I had brought it in for them to fix in the first place, they found a dead battery in my car. I expressed to the manager Bob that I believed they may have done something to drain my battery and after a few days of back and forth they agreed to offer me a discount on the labor. $300 later I have a new battery and 3 days after picking up my car I have a TPM malfunction light on. ISSUE NOT RESOLVED. Thousands of dollars spent. STAY AWAY FROM BMW of ALEXANDRIA!

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Employees Worked With

Bob the Manager

October 08, 2018

"Service is frequently terrible, Dena has a bad attitude"

- fedupmom

I have had issues with several service members in the 3yrs since I bought my X3 at this location. They are generally unresponsive and it takes many calls to even get someone of the phone. On Thursday, I called about needing maintenance prior to my 50K warranty expiring and was told I had to come in to know what all my car was due for though I was already 3000 miles overdue for oil change. Dena Van saw me Friday morning and told me there were no loaner vehicles and no service appointments untl Tuesday. I asked if I could drop off my truck and pick up a loaner at the end of the day Monday because my morning routine is not very flexible. She told me she couldn't guarantee but I called, text or email prior to the appointment she made at 5pm since that is the time she claimed the rental/loaner department required me to arrive though service does close until 8pm. I texted at 3:45pm on Monday and received no called back. I called at 4;20pm and Dena responded greeting me by name. She was not aware of the text and said there were still three people waiting for loaners. I asked if I should call back later, schedule for Tuesday morning which was not my preference and asked what my options were. She stated 3 cars could come in 10 minutes and she couldn't guarantee me. She said could schedule me for Tuesday. I told her that was inconvenient for me and I would call back in 30 minutes. I called back and 5pm and she stated there was still 1 person but she could probably get me in a loaner. She told me to come on in. I dropped everything and me and my 7 yr old son went straight to the dealer. AT 5:30pm I arrived and the service guy told me to take everything out of my car I wanted. I left the key in the car and walked in to Dena's desk. She was on the phone and another guy walked up and asked me if I needed help. I stated I thought I was waiting on Dena. Dena got off the phone and I asked her if I needed to go get my key. She stated yes because she needed it to check me in. As I was walking back out to grab my key, another customer who had been asking around about her being from some other dealer and having some issue with her vehicle at the garage after pulling up after I pulled in was at the door asking if she needed to sign in to be seen. I grabbed by key and came back in and Dena asked me if she could check the lady in before me. I looked at both of them totally confused and needing to get my child back home and the lady said you can go ahead. I walked up to Dena and handed her the key and she asked me with a snide attitude if I had a problem. I told her I might have a problem the way she was talking to me. She told me she was just asking and she did have an attitude. She stated the lady was there before me. I asked her how after I had called and texted and she had told me to come in for the 5pm appointment I already had and I had just gone to the car to get my key was that possible. She was shaking her head and had an attitude and I told her why she was the only person that could have checked her in. I told her I needed to see a manager and we might need another a sales person. She abruptly asked the lady next to her to check me in, the one with an appointment who had run around with her not answering texts and me calling her back and by then the other lady was being helped by someone else. She is nasty and rude and the new lady said there were no loaners. I told her that I had rushed up there because Dena said to come and that she could get me in a vehicle. I told her I needed the manager. I wanted to talk to a Bob Hammerstam(??) who was at another desk just a few feet away the entire time and while I was explaining to him that the lady had come in WITHOUT an appointment after me as she was explaining she had never been to this dealer, he cut me off and told me that didn't matter. I told him it mattered to me because clearly she was not there before me and Dena's nasty attitude was uncalled for. He told me Dena does normally act like that and I told him I had had issues with her and other service people in there before. I said Dena didn't act like there was any problem with her behavior and he said oh well it is but never said a word to Dena. He never apologized or offered any compensating treatment. He said he had a high mileage car he could get me and asked if that was fine. I said yes. Nothing is going to be done about Dena's bad attitude and flippant behavior. Dena's poor customer service did not seem to bother the manager much at all and I did not feel at all valued by the dealer. Dena Van is very snotty and unhelpful. This was my last straw with BMW. I love my vehicle but hate service. I had considered upgrading and this last experience just pushed me over the edge to a definite "NO!" I never had this issue with Lexus at all. Bye forever BMW unfortunately strictly do to repeated bad service from BMW Alexandria. It is dreadful and managers and those desk people need a full overhaul.

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Employees Worked With

Dena Van, Bob Hammerstam

September 10, 2018

"My Experience"

- SK12345

I am very upset with the BMW of Alexandria's Service Department. This is the second time in a row that they managed to really screw up. Allen Hilbert should be made accountable for the latest screw-up. He calls me and recommends a service makes appointment and drags me to the dealership messing up my calendar (And I do have a very busy calendar). Only to not be there, as it was his day off!!! And once I get there I am told by another rep that given that my car was serviced two months ago there was no need for service. It wasted 2 hours of my time and not to mention the cost of going there and turning around immediately. I WILL NEVER AGAIN use this group! They are akin to a ship of fools! Incompetent!

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Employees Worked With

Allen Hilbert

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