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Capitol Toyota


126 Lifetime Reviews

783 Auto Group Ave Ne , Salem, Oregon 97301
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Top Reviewed Employees

David  Ames at Capitol Toyota

David Ames

ASM Advisor
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Nate  McCall at Capitol Toyota

Nate McCall

Fleet Manager
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Billy  Hamill at Capitol Toyota

Billy Hamill

Sales Associate
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Brian  Schindler at Capitol Toyota

Brian Schindler

Business Development Director
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Latest Reviews

November 29, 2019

"David is always great"

- hooptee65

We have been bringing our Toyota’s to capitol Toyota for service for a few years. We have always been impressed with David . David is kind , respectful and honest. In fact the entire service staff is great. Now we are looking for a new sienna and found one at a different dealership. We have been so impressed with Dave and the others at capitol Toyota that we wondered if the 2020 sienna could be transferred. With a phone call we were able to get the vehicle sent to capitol. Now we will be going into capitol Toyota this Saturday to finalize a deal. Friendly and good service goes a long way.

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Employees Worked With

November 01, 2019

"I had an outstanding experience buying a car from..."

- Robertson alexandria

I had an outstanding experience buying a car from Anthony, was very fast, easy and as well comfortable. Thank you for all your work & effort to making someone happy with what they are buying.

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Employees Worked With


October 10, 2019

"Scammers. $450 tune up and a $600 gasket leak instead of..."

- AprilF252

..making my car run with the right fix. My car was running so badly that I couldn't drive it safely, so I took it to Capitol Toyota hoping they knew what they were doing being Toyota "experts". That was a mistake. The codes on my car were the Catalytic Converter and the Knock Sensor. The mechanic was Dennis. He was very nice but I was fooled as I was expecting to need a new engine and when he called saying the car was fixed and all he had to do was a tune up and a gasket leaking into the plugs, I was so excited I wrote a glowing review on here back in April. Without even driving the car yet. How stupid. The car ran the exact same way. But he got me out of there by saying that there was bad gas in the tank and that after a couple tanks of premium, it should be fine. Well, I barely got the car home, it was so bad. And dangerous! I was holding people up in traffic, I couldn't accelerate to get out of the way of people when merging on the highway or even just on the streets. We spent the only money we had to fix it and I told Dennis that. We are not people who can just keep coming back to keep fixing and fixing to make the car perfect. Months later, we found a way to see if we could work around the catalytic converter to see if that was the actual problem. And it was. The knock sensor picks up "pings" from the catalytic converter when it's bad. The knock sensor then makes the car run horribly so that you will go fix the catalytic converter so you can drive your car again. The two mechanics I spoke to at this dealership knew nothing about this. Dennis told me the knock sensor was bad, but I looked into it because I figured the sensor was there for a reason, not just to go bad so I can pay another $753, like he told me I should do. So he did everything backwards, like the dentist will do. You know how they always make you get your teeth cleaned before they'll fix your throbbing tooth? Because when you fix your tooth pain, you prob won't go back for the cleaning they figure, and they want their easy money. My husband just did his spark plugs and air filter for $5 and less than an hour. I'd say that's pretty easy money for mister Dennis. $450 makes me sick. They don't even do wires or anything else! If we'd have spent the money of fixing the catalytic converter instead of $450 spark plugs and an air filter and $600 for the valve cover gaskets, I'd still have my car. The car that my sister bought me before she died two months later. I just took the car back in a few weeks ago because I suspected Dennis didn't fix the gasket right. I'd been talking to one of the customer service managers who pretty much told me "too bad" at first, but then I told him I felt like it was done wrong and that they say they guarantee their work for a year so he said to bring it in. I should have made it more clear I guess that I was not intending to pay another diagnosis fee for it but I thought that would be obvious since if that were the case, I would have just brought it in without going through all the trouble in contacting management! Now I have a worse car that I can do nothing with. The lady I dropped it off with said she may be able to waive the diagnosis fee if the diagnosis came back the same as the first time, but oh wait, since it's so much worse now, I guess I actually owe the diagnosis fee....That makes sense, since I'd only been driving the car for about two weeks after the worked on it. So they work on it, it runs the same, I take it back in and its $4000 more work needed and that's my fault somehow. Ok, that's cool. Plus all those months it was undrivable, PLUS it's garbage now. OH! AAAAND make sure you get a copy of the paperwork they have you sign when you drop off your car. I think I signed something electronically because I didn't come home with anything, but since I wasn't expecting to have to pay the $125 for diagnosis, I couldn't pick it up for a couple weeks. When they called to see when I was coming, they said it would be auctioned off soon...! What?! For real? How is that legal? Ooohhh right, when she says, "here, sign this, it's just saying you're allowing us to do the diagnosis on the car." Well I'm guessing whatever that was that I signed also must've said that I'd be forfeiting the car if I didn't pick it up within a couple of weeks too. GOOD TO KNOW!! Thought you all should know this too, for when you don't heed my warnings and take your car in this place anyway and get blind sided like I did, you'll at least know that much. Good luck if you go there. I don't recommend it at all. Now I can't afford to spend the $5000 they said I would have to spend to get it running back to somewhat normal.

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Employees Worked With

Other Employees : Misty- second tech. Dennis first tech.

Photos & Amenities

  • After Hours Drop-Off
  • Automated Car Wash
  • Cable TV
  • Children's Play Room
  • Customer Lounge Area
  • Drive-In Service
  • Express Service
  • Free Coffee
  • Free Drinks
  • Free Loaner Cars
  • Free WiFi
  • Instant Financing
  • Authorized Parts Store
  • Pet Friendly
  • Rental Car Service Onsite
  • Shuttle Service
  • Television
  • Floating Golf Green
  • Vending Machines
Capitol Toyota, Salem, OR, 97301