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23 Sugar Hollow Rd, Danbury, Connecticut 06810

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Jeff Bobbins, Service Manager, Danbury Porsche

Jeff Bobbins

Service Manager
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Ben Smith, Service Advisor, Danbury Porsche

Ben Smith

Service Advisor
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Latest Reviews

January 03, 2018

"Service Team - Updated Review"

- farash

Initially, there was some miscommunication with the service department with respect to issues with my Porsche Macan S that could not be identified initially. As a follow up to my review I was contacted by the General Manager, Michael. He looked into my situation and seemed genuinely interested to seeing the issues with my vehicle resolved. Jeff from the service team was very accommodating and saw that the issues were addressed. Very beautiful showroom and good inventory as well.

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Employees Worked With

Jeff Bobbins
Employee Rating is a new feature allowing consumers to rate their experience with individual dealership employees.
Other Employees : Conor

November 06, 2016


- Piqued at Porsche

I was getting several warning lights-Check Engine, Reduced Pressure, etc. on my Panamara. Took into Danbury Porsche where I purchased the car. I was told they did not have a technician available to look at this for at least 8 days and I should make an appointment. I took it to my repair shop where it took less than 15 minutes to do a scan and tell me that the high pressure fuel pump was operating at less than 10% of capacity (ie 5 vs 60). Of course we know that if the fuel pump stops working the car will stop instantly without warning, even if you are on I 84 resulting in a life threatening situation. I called Danbury Porsche again and was told I could make an appointment for the end of the following week and if I did not feel comfortable driving it the 50 miles I could have it towed at my own expense. I told him Danbury Mercedes picks up my car and delivers it without charge. He told me Porsche does not offer that service at Danbury. I checked the NHTSA site and found a Prosche communication that my model and year had a defective High Pressure Fuel Pump which Porsche was replacing. I called Porsche NA and they told me they knew nothing about this notice even after I gave them the site. I am going to get this car fixed, likely at some other dealer than Danbury Porsche and if I have to pay for it I am going directly to small claims court. It is likely I will never consider the purchase of another Porsche.

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Employees Worked With

Benjamin Smith

November 10, 2015

"5 Star Customer Service"

- GaryTDI

After an initial mishap with their appointment scheduling system that caused some consternation, I have to say that I received absolute 5 star treatment after I received my appointment. Jim promised to look into the scheduling mishap, Jeff handled some questions I had about service very professionally, and Ben greeted me as I arrived in a very friendly and professional manner. The waiting area is pristine and comfortable and they provide espresso, coffee, bottled water, and even some free snacks like bananas and cliff bars! While I was waiting, Ben came up and showed me some pictures of my car representing areas that needed to be addressed and stated what the costs would be to address them at my current service appointment. WiFi and power outlets were available so that I could conduct business via VPN to my work place. I had requested that my old parts be returned to me and the service tech even labeled which cylinder each spark plug came out of! I didn't even request that so the service was way above and beyond what was expected. I applaud Ben, Jeff, and Jim for fostering a wonderful customer experience.

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Employees Worked With

Other Employees : Ben Smith, Jim Altemus

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Danbury Porsche, Danbury, CT, 06810