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Jennings Chevrolet - Service Center


76 Lifetime Service Reviews

241 Waukegan Rd., Glenview, Illinois 60025

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Chris MCElroy, Service Consultant, Jennings Chevrolet

Chris MCElroy

Service Consultant
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Ken Schultz, Service Consultant, Jennings Chevrolet

Ken Schultz

Service Consultant
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Rick Straczek, Service Manager, Jennings Chevrolet

Rick Straczek

Service Manager
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Latest Reviews

June 22, 2018

"Above and Beyond the Call of Duty"

- ChicagoGina

After a visit to the Apple Store last night to get a new phone battery installed, I discovered I was without any internet connection. It was VERY LATE at night and I drove to Jennings on the off-chance someone would be there. WONDERFUL Chris Hallenberg was just leaving work but stayed with me in my car until the phone was connected and everything was working properly! Talk about going above and beyond his job description! Give that guy a RAISE! He REALLY deserves it! Thank you, Chris.

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Employees Worked With

Chris Hallenburg

June 14, 2018


- telnouf

Beware Jennings for parts or service. I needed a new key for my 2006 Pontiac Vibe. Jennings charged $45 for the look up and $9.00 for the key. They then cut a key which did not work and refunded my money. I then took the problem to a Toyota dealer. They charge nothing for the look up and $5.00 for a key. Based on the prices, I consider Jennings to be an expensive place

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Employees Worked With

Jim Lipecki

May 30, 2018

"Very uncomfortable Experience "

- Deklatm

I was never greeted properly upon arrival either by the porter nor the person that i had dealt with. i was told to sit in the lounge by the porter and someone would be in soon to assist me. He arrived in less then five minutes, the service person i dealt, and had stated out loud “Dike” or “xxxx” out loud by the lounge, trying to find me which neither are even close to my first name pronounced Deck•lot, but i knew it was me he was looking for, as they did to me in elementary years. I said yes sir thats me he said “follow me”. Follow me ? is what he stated, No good afternoon, or a Hi, or a Hello, or a how are you doing today. We continued down towards his office as we entered his small office stall again no greeting then i understood this mans nature when he said “What are you in for” (basically not happy to see me) i had stated “ i have called and made an appointment for a emissions C.E.L.” then he replied with a really agitated response “ What no oil changes today?” I stated “no sir, not today”. From then on he shoulders fell down to his waste as discouragment. We continued with the paper work and finished he stated “i will come let you know once we have diagnosed the repair” because i was waiting. Then i asked “ how long”, he stated 45 minutes to an hour, hour and a half later i went looking for him he said “the car was done and fixed and it would be another 10 minutes to get the tech to put his story in for book time” then he said. the reason of the C.E.L. and said he “ Go wait in the lounge and ill come get you when he is done.” I am sad to say then and there was the last time i told myself i would be going back to Jennings, for i have never been more treated more unfairly more poorly in any sort of a situation like this or similar to one. 18 min later i went “again” looking for him, not the other way around he said “come in tech is almost done” so while i was oddly just standing there we talked on how i was a lead tech once and then how i was a service supervisor for a leading diesel distributor company, he actually was neither interested nor obliged , he handed my keys to me once the tech had called and said he was done, handed my keys and stated “take care” and i left knowing that he didnt even bother telling me were my car was, i had to find it for myself. A little bit about my family we are Assyrians, i am the first Gen of my family, and have served two tours in Iraq during O.I.F. while in the Marines. As a leader while serving, and as a service supervisor for a big distributor that i shall not mention.

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Employees Worked With

Unknown service advisor

Service Center Photos & Amenities

  • After Hours Drop-Off
  • Authorized Accessories Store
  • Cable TV
  • Children's Play Room
  • Customer Lounge Area
  • Drive-In Service
  • Express Service
  • Free Coffee
  • Free Drinks
  • Free Loaner Cars
  • Free WiFi
  • Quick Lube
  • Rental Car Service Onsite
  • Shuttle Service
  • Television
Jennings Chevrolet - Service Center, Glenview, IL, 60025