Lynch Toyota

Manchester, CT

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179 Tolland Turnpike

Manchester, CT



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April 12, 2022

My experience was the usual of most car dealerships. Can't be trusted. Thankful I got my car from another dealership instead but be wary...if you leave a deposit at Lynch toyota, you will NOT get it re More
by Mar

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Stephen Jones, client services

March 07, 2022

Interesting… The dealership needs to get their crap together!! I sent a message inquiring about a Vehicle, possibly 2 and was told that they are not selling out of state. You would think it should be More
by No Sale

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I called looking for the sales Mgnr

August 23, 2021

My wife and I own a Rav 4 Bought from lynch when new and my wife has always insisted on having toyota people servie our vehicles. a couple of weeks ago we took it in for a service at Lynch and specifically More
by jag1963uk

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Kevin Fitzgerald