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Mack Brown


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2705 US Highway 421 South, Boone, North Carolina 28607 Directions
Sales: (828) 355-4168

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1 Review of Mack Brown

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April 09, 2013

"All the work that Mack Brown did on my car wound up..."

- jackwilkin

All the work that Mack Brown did on my car wound up having workmanship problems, which were in some cases documented by other dealers and mechanics. The first work I had them do was replace the fuel pump. They replaced the fuel pump and supposedly cleaned out the gas tank as I instructed them. We kept having strange problems with the car cutting out as if losing fuel. We took it back several times but could not get them to fix it. The last time we took it up it sat for a month. When I called for a status he indicated that he had not had time to work on it. I left it there so he would have more time, and after two months they called me up asking what I wanted them to do with the car, to which I replied “Fix the car.” We went up to find the tires flat and the battery dead in the parking lot – these people did not look at this car for three months! I finally had someone else work on it and they took the gas tank off and found it full of rust and dirt and it was clogging the fuel pump filter. Apparently the service people did not clean out the fuel tank when they replaced the pump. We replaced the tank and fuel pump and the car runs fine. In another case I had them replace the transmission. I took the car to another dealer to see why the car shifted funny and they found that Mack Brown had installed the wrong screws in the transmission case and had stripped the metal holes in the case. They had also left off a bracket that helps hold the transmission in place. I paid for it to be fixed and never was compensated by Mack Brown.

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