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8100 Auto Drive, Riverside, California 92504
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March 28, 2017

"Theives in the service cemter"

- Kia1

I had a bunch of items stolen from my center console when I took my Kia in for scheduled service. I realized I was missing the items when I went to place my phone in my center console and it was empty! I called to speak to the service manager and he basically said I was lieng and nobody has ever complained about theft. So I am the only person right? Haha. Bottom line, DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR FOR SERVICE THERE!!!

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May 26, 2015

"Worst Car Buying Experience - Ever"

- Lost Customer

Over the past couple decades, my fiancé and I have purchased perhaps 15 vehicles and this was the absolute worst sales experience we have ever had. My fiancé and I wanted to purchase a reasonably priced additional small vehicle. We have excellent credit and are blessed to have comfortable cash reserves. In addition, I am a finance professional. We came in with an advertisement from the newspaper and asked them to match it. What they came back with was an offer that was more than 200% more expensive with an endless array of justifications. After extensive negotiation, their next offer dropped significantly but was still more than 100% over the advertisement. My critique is that Kia of Riverside, specializes in getting people into cars who have few other options. As a result, their sales personal and sales managers are used to having their way with an uninformed and somewhat desperate customer base. They will get people into cars - at a highly inflated price. Our salesman was a rookie, he knew relatively little about automotive finance and was therefore entirely irrelevant during the entire financial negotiation. The "sales manager" was much more versed in financial matters, however, his attitude grew increasingly agitated when he realized he was negotiating with someone who understood automotive finance. When it became apparent that he could not blind us with standard tactics, he next attempted to daze us with "Money Factors", "Residual Values" and "Factory Incentive Prioritization". When this didn't work, he resorted to a childish action of ignoring us. He said he had to go to his computer to quickly work out a number, and after waiting for him for over 20 minutes. I approached him in his office. His reply as to when he was coming to present his best offer, was that, ' he was too busy managing the rest of the sales department to return to present us with an offer.' Additional exchanges took place with another senior manager who would not identify himself and he became confrontational when he realized that we were leaving without purchasing a vehicle. We decided to just walk out and take our business elsewhere. After additional reflection, this was such a bad experience, we will no longer consider a purchase of the Kia Brand.

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