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"I don’t leave reviews often, only when a product or service really stands out from the crowd. Nick Feinberg was one of nicest, most knowledgeable salesmen I’ve ever met up with! Although we couldn’t find my preferred model at his specific lot, he helped me link up with just the people I needed to see! Thanks for being so informative and efficient! Cheers :-)"
"I just wanted to take a moment to share my experience with Lamborghini Paramus. I purchased a 2016 Huracan out of state and when it came time to service & warranty work Lambo Paramus was right there to help. Recently I experienced a check engine light and a few other small issues with my car. I called and spoke with Kevin Walburn who assisted me in setting up my service appointment. Not only were they able to get my car into the shop within 48 hours but they personally came and picked it up with a enclosed flatbed so I didn't have to take the trip up to the dealer. ( approx an hour & 15 minutes away). Once the car arrived they jumped right on it and kept me abreast of what was going on and how the car was doing. I also had an exhaust system installed while the car was there which Jeff Giordano professionally installed. The part came from one of their closest customers who I located on a local Lamborghini fourm. I was a little skeptical at first not knowing the gentleman but Alan Reichenthal put his neck on the line for his previous customer and assured me that I had nothing to worry about. After my car was finished with its install & warranty work they had a fully booked schedule with their delivery truck and ended up moving around a few other deliveries to make sure that I had my vehicle back the day before my companies event. All I can say is WOW ! I would personally recommend anyone to the guys over at this dealership. Being fortunate enough to own one of these vehicles & having a dealer that treats you like family really makes me want to stay within the brand in the future as well knowing that I will be in great hands for any needs I may have. Again I would like to personally thank Kevin Walburn, Alan Reichenthal & Jeff Giordano for their assistance with my Huracan ! "